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What are facial blisters and benefits? – 2023


What are facial blisters and what benefits do they provide? – Facial ampoules have become one of the most popular cosmetic facial care products in recent years. Brands such as Martiderm have opted for this format, which offers serum-style formulations that are extremely beneficial for the face, but in single-dose size, with the benefits that this brings.

Following a correct facial cleaning and care routine is essential to guarantee the perfect condition of the skin, which is why you must take into account all the products that must be included, the order in which they are applied and, of course, that these are quality.

Before getting into the subject of facial blisters, it should be noted that the order of application of the different products during a facial routine, whether morning or night, is as follows:

  1. Cleanse with make-up remover cream or gel, micellar water or cleansing oil.
  2. It is continues with an exfoliating product, although this is not used every day, but the frequency depends on the type of skin.
  3. Next, a facial toner should applies, which regulates the pH of the skin and closes the pores.
  4. It’s time for the serum, which can replace by our favorite facial ampoules, since they perform the same function thanks to the active ingredients they include.
  5. It is follow by moisturizing the most sensitive areas, such as the eye contour and lips.
  6. The cream is the next step, whether it is simply moisturizing or with an extra effect such as anti-wrinkle or anti-blemish, for example.
  7. Finally, a step that is often overlooked but essential, sun protection to take care of our skin against UV rays.

What are they for and what advantages do facial ampoules offer?

As I have told you before, facial ampoules like those of Endo care are a type of product that offers different results depending on the composition of each one. They usually provide hydration, firmness and luminosity to the face as soon as they use. But they also have different formulations focused on treating skin conditions or signs of age.

In this way, we can find antioxidant facial ampoules, for dehydrated skin, anti-aging, firming or anti-wrinkle, for example.

Now you may be wondering, but if they offer the same results as a serum. Why choose single-dose facial ampoules instead of a product that has a larger quantity? Because of the different advantages offered by this small format:

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  • The first benefit that we find is that since they are single-use individual containers. It is easier to transport them in case of travel. In addition. They comply with the policies established by the airlines regarding the amount of liquids that can carries in hand luggage.
  • This size, in addition, design, as mentioned, to use only once, so it provides the amount of product necessary for each dose.
  • They are better preserves. Since once they open they use, unlike other products whose packaging has a larger format.
  • They have a large number of ingredients and active ingredients that are extremely beneficial for the face.
  • There are multiple options available depending on the needs of each skin, you just have to find yours.

Vista farma online pharmacy

the best way to get these cosmetic products

If you have already decided to get some facial ampoules. I can only give you one last recommendation, the place where you can get them, of different brands and for different results. I am referring, of course, to Vista farma. A pharmacy and optician with the best professionals capable of offering personalized attention. They are located in Murcia, but thanks to new technologies we can get their products from anywhere through their website.

Within its extensive catalog we can find the following categories: cosmetics, health, hygiene, dietetics, babies and mothers, optics and medicines. As well as a section with the best offers.

There are still many who are reluctant to make this type of purchase online. But I am going to give you some simple reasons that confirm that it is an ideal option.

What are facial blisters and what benefits do they provide_ (2)

  • In the first place, it is possible to acquire the desired products without having to leave home. In an easy, fast and safe way and receiving your cosmetics in the place you decide.
  • As it is an online store. It is possible to make the purchase, not only from anywhere, as already mentioned, but also at any time, since they are available 24/7.
  • But not only that, online purchases are usually accompanied by the most striking discounts. In addition, as with Vista farma, they usually have a section of offers, with products at the best price.
  • It is possible to get different products from different brands in a single purchase. And the catalog is usually the widest and most varied.

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