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Categories of Beauty

 Cosmetic Creation Category Codes

Categories of Beauty, For use in the Voluntary Cosmetic Registry Program

Use this list to determine the product category code you enter on the FDA 2512 form. Each product category code consists of a two-digit number, indicating the general category. And also a letter, indicating the specific product type. For example, to find the product category code for baby shampoo, note that “Baby Products” is the category “01.” Baby shampoos remain listed in this category as item “A”. Therefore, the product category code for a baby shampoo is “01A”.

 01. Baby goods

  • Baby shampoos
  • Lotions, oils, powders, and also creams
  • Other baby products

02. Bubble bath Preparations

  • Bath oils, tablets, and also salts
  • Bubble bath
  • bath capsules
  • Other bath preparations

03. Eye makeup Arrangements

  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyeliner
  • Shade
  • eye lotion
  • eye makeup remover
  • Mask and also
  • Other eye makeup preparations

04. Fragrance Preparations

  • Perfume
  • Powders (powder and also talcum powder. Except aftershave powder)
  • sachets
  • Other fragrance preparations

05. Preparations for the Hair (non-dyes)

  • Hair
  • Hair Spray (aerosol fixatives)
  • Hair straighteners
  • Permanent Waves
  • Rinses (not dyes)
  • Shampoos (not dyes)
  • Tonics, dressings, and also other hair care aids

wave sets

Other hair preparations

06. Preparations for Coloring hair

  • Hair dyes and also colors (all types requiring precautionary statements and also patch tests)
  • hair dye
  • Hair rinses (coloring)
  • Hair shampoos (color)
  • Hair Color Aerosols (Aerosol)
  • Coloured Hair Lighteners
  • hair bleaches and also
  • Other preparations for dyeing Hair

07. Makeup preparations (non-for the eyes)

  • Blushes (all types)
  • face powder
  • Foundations
  • Leg and also body paints
  • Lipstick
  • Makeup Bases
  • blushers
  • makeup fixers and also
  • Other makeup preparations

08. Manicure arrangements

Manicure arrangements

  • Bases and also backgrounds
  • cuticle softeners
  • Nail creams and also lotions
  • nail extenders
  • Enamel and also Nail Polish
  • Nail polish and also nail polish remover
  • Other manicure preparations

09. Oral cleanliness products

Oral cleanliness products

  • Kinds of toothpaste (aerosol, liquid, pastes, and also powders)
  • Mouthwashes and also breath fresheners (liquids and also aerosols)
  • Other oral hygiene products

10. Personal hygiene

  • Bath Soaps and also Detergents
  • Deodorants (underarms)
  • showers
  • Feminine Deodorants and also
  • Other Personal Care Products

11. Shaving arrangements

  • after shave lotion
  • Beard softeners
  • talc for men
  • Pre-shave lotions (all types)
  • Shaving cream (aerosol, brushless, and also foam)
  • Shaving soap (cakes, sticks, etc.)
  • Other shaving preparations

12. Skin care preparations (ointments, creams, powders, and also sprays)

  • Cleaning (cold creams, cleansing lotions, liquids, and also pads)
  • depilatories
  • Face and also neck (except shaving preparations)
  • Body and also Hands (excluding shaving preparations)
  • Powders and also foot sprays
  • Moisturizing
  • Night
  • Paste masks (mud packs)
  • refreshing for the skin and also
  • Other skin care preparations

13. Tanning preparations

  • Tanning gels, creams, and liquids
  • Indoor tanning preparations
  • Other suntan preparations Cosmetic product category codes

The Categories

The 2022 Beauty Awards with ASOS categories are listed below.

If you’re still not sure where your product fits in, please get in touch using the contact details in the blue box to the side.


Breakthrough for bath and also body

Open to bath and also body care products, including body lotions, and also self-tanning products. Hand/foot creams, shower gels, bubble baths, body scrubs, and also shower moisturizers, bath/immersion oils, etc.

Everyday hero

They remain exposed to all personal care products and also toiletries, including roll-ons and also body sprays. Oral and also dental products and tools. And also personal care.

Essential Wellness

Open to products that contribute to general well-being, such as aromatherapy/CBD/mood-enhancing products, oils and also treatments, and also pain-relieving body care products. And also mood-enhancing/beauty sprays. Candles. Diffusers. And also home spa-inspired products (please note that ingestible/beauty supplements are not eligible to enter The Beauty Awards 2022 with ASOS).

Make-up And also Fragrance

Essential makeup

Open to all color cosmetics and also skin enhancers, including (but not limited to) primers, foundations, and also powders. Concealers, blushes, contouring products, highlighters, lip colors, setting products, eye shadows, mascaras, and also eyeliners. And also color enhancers. Eyebrows.

Trendy Cosmetic Product

Open to all classic and also cult cosmetic products that are still as popular today as when they remained first launched.

Best beauty on a budget

Open to all beauty brands and also products that are as pocket-friendly as they are innovative, effective, exciting, and also pleasurable. Include the RRP within the product description.

Best Fragrance

Open to all men’s, women’s, and also unisex fine and also self-selected fragrances, including EDT, EDP, and also colognes.


The idea of beauty should not be defined at all because of how abstract the concept is and also how it can be perceived. Each individual should be able to have their own definition of beauty. They should not be influenced by dominant stereotypes. Beauty should be what you think and not what someone else thinks. As in the words of Confucius. Everything has beauty. But not everyone sees it.

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