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Simple Mehndi Design – Henna, or Mehndi as it is more commonly known, is a paste frequently linked to prosperity and joy. It is one of the first kinds of body art that people created. On auspicious occasions, women and girls have their hands and feet covered in this plaster. Mehendi is a highly cherished way for most females to immerse themselves in festive feelings, whether for weddings or festivals like Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Teej, or Eid. While some ladies enjoy its enticing perfume, others adore painting their hands with lovely and elaborate mehendi designs. However, as time has passed, guys are increasingly frequently seen applying mehendi.

The dried, powdered leaves of the henna plant are the source of the mehendi paste, which use to adorn the body. First, the leaves are sun-dried and then milled into a fine mossy green powder. Then, to create a smooth paste, combine it with enough water, lemon juice, and eucalyptus oil. Finally, the paste is infused with all the components by soaking it overnight, then poured into a plastic cone for use. Moreover, the Sanskrit word “Mendhika,” which refers to the henna plant itself, is where the word “Mehendi” originated.

Women typically use lovely mehendi designs to adorn their hands and feet, as was already said. But men and even cancer patients with hair loss use this organic material to cover their bare scalps. The specific color that mehendi paste leaves on the skin is brown, not green. But now that mehendi patterns and methods have advanced, colors like white and gold are also used.

Henna, commonly known as mehendi, is very important in various religions. For instance, it is vital to 16 adornments and of the most significant value to Hindus in several traditions (Solah Shringar). According to references in the Holy Quran, the Prophet Muhammad is also known for using mehendi paste to color his grey beard and promoting henna use, among others.

Simple Mehendi Designs For Wedding

Simple Mehendi Designs For Wedding

An essential component of Indian weddings is the mehendi. For Indian brides, the Mehndi ritual is seen as encouraging. This ritual performs the evening before the wedding to wish the bride health and fortune as she sets out on her new life together. Everyone has their hands covered with mehendi for the wedding festivities, starting with the bride and ending with all the girls and married ladies. Additionally, brides must have mehendi applied on their feet. So, scroll down to see some of the most basic mehendi designs for a wedding.

Multi-patterned and elegant

Brides who wish to strike the right mix between tradition and contemporary will love this elegant mehendi design. There are jaalidaar designs, floral patterns, leaves, and an appealing contrast of forceful and delicate strokes. In addition, the noticeable vacant areas further enhance the design’s modernity.



The Mehendi ceremony is a crucial and mandatory component of every bride’s attire. Due to its spiritual significance, it is a mandatory custom to be observed. However, if you disapprove of this fragrance decoration, and elaborate mehendi designs are not your thing, you should choose this simple style. Elegant and sophisticated is the best way to describe this simple mehendi design.

Let Mandala do all the talking!

A mandala is a religious and symbolic representation of the cosmos. Therefore, incorporating a Mandala into a bride’s mehendi design is said to be lucky. However, this straightforward mehendi design is the ideal example for a bride who doesn’t want her hands wholly covered in mehendi but still needs to adhere to tradition.

Peacocks and hearts

Bold designs are simple but also serve the resolve of covering the space. This simple mehendi design with easy strokes, peacock, and heart details is one of them.

Multiple unique elements

Multiple unique elements

Bold patterns are uncomplicated yet also fill the space. This laid-back mehendi design with peacock and heart embellishments is one of them.

A depiction of a love story

A depiction of a love story

Modern brides have started using their bridal mehendi to illustrate their romantic journey. One of them is an attractive mehendi pattern with distinct symmetry. This particular design is hypnotic as well as compelling. The components worth swooning over include the sweet couple, save the date, wedding date, symmetrical pattern, and artwork on the palms.

The jhumki design

Such a unique and lovely but straightforward mehendi design with floral themes and jhumkis! The appealing spaces and silhouettes raise the attractiveness factor of this design.

Princess feels

With your wedding mehendi design, you may reveal the princess that you are to the world. This unusual mehendi design has a palace and a prince and princess image. The couple’s name and lovely floral motifs are also included as unique touches.

Simple Front Hand Mehndi Designs

Aztec Front Hand Simple Mehndi Design

Aztec Front Hand Simple Mehndi Design

The fashion industry is overrun with Aztec designs. Everything has this pattern, including bags and clothes. Why, therefore, should your Mehndi design endure? One of the newest mehndi designs inspired by the Aztec culture. It just creates the appearance of complexity. Drawing is simple and suitable for all situations.

Pretty Peacock

From peacocks and paisley to teardrop leaves, flowers, and curved lines, this lovely peacock mehndi design features a variety of patterns and styles. This Mehndi pattern is simple and elegant. Draw the main shape first, then, depending on your skill level and preference, fill it in with smaller, more elaborate designs or simpler ones.

Easy Mehndi Design With Floral Motif

Here is a style that you don’t typically see. This is a welcome contrast from the single vine seen in most mehndi designs inspired by Arabic art. The positioning of the floral and leaf patterns has altered the appearance of this straightforward mehndi design.

Simple Mehendi Designs For Beginners

Mehendi application is a skill that demands considerable talent, patience, and precision. And creativity, naturally. Only with consistent practice will a mehendi artist accomplish all these elements. Thus, the following are easy mehendi patterns for novices.

Backhand mandala

Backhand mandala

Traditional mehendi designs include mandalas, and beginners must practice until they are perfect. Try out this backhand Mandala for a simple yet effective design.

An art with circular strokes

This easy mehendi design is an attractive choice. It features circular strokes and a simple ring-style pattern on the fingers.

Mandala with a lace design on fingers

This gorgeous mandala design finished with lacy fingers is to die for.

A treat to the eyes

This is one of the most gorgeous designs you can quickly draw from a beginner. Once you keenly observe the pattern, you will realize it is easy to draw.

Floral foot

Being a beginner, it is usually a more challenging task to apply mehendi on the feet. But you can start your art with a basic flowery design like this.


mehndi designs are a beautiful way to adorn your hands and add elegance to any special occasion. Whether you prefer intricate and detailed patterns or simple and minimalistic designs, embrace the beauty of Mehndi and let your hands tell a story with these stunning designs.

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