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Facelift in Madrid, Improves the Signs of Aging on the Face

Ageing is part of the natural process of life, but many people are psychologically affected and are not happy to see themselves with wrinkles. Over time, women notice that the freshness and vitality we have in our faces are disappearing. We also appreciate that unwanted wrinkles appear around the eyes and mouth. Many of us feel uncomfortable when we think that youth is slipping away from us and there is no turning back. All those women who refuse to age and who like to take care of themselves can have facelift surgery in Madrid. Time cannot be stopped, but cosmetic surgery can hide ageing features.

Would you like your face not to reflect the passage of time?

The years pass for everyone, which entails physical changes in our faces. The areas where the signs of ageing appear first are the eye contour, the mouth contour, and the space between the eyebrows and the neck. If it is unpleasant to see those first wrinkles on your face and you have often wanted to feel young again, facial rejuvenation surgery is your ideal treatment. Feel the vitality and energy of youth again. For you, it will seem that time has never passed, and others will admire you for it.

Table of Contents

  • What is a facelift?
  • Why have facial rejuvenation surgery?
  • Ideal candidates for a facelift in Madrid
  • Techniques used to perform a facelift
  • The intervention of the facial lifting in Madrid
  • When can the results of facial rejuvenation surgery be seen?
  • Summary

What is Facelift?

What is Facelift_

A facelift is a surgery that aims to improve the appearance of the face, restoring the elasticity and tone lost over time. The facial muscles are tightened, and excess skin is removed.

With this technique, the face is given a more youthful appearance, the signs of flaccidity are eliminated, and a better tone and more excellent skin brightness are achieved. This intervention can be performed alone or with other procedures to stop the signs of aging, such as a blepharoplasty since the eyelids are where the first signs of aging usually appear. Feeling good about yourself is the basis for being happy, and if you want to feel young, you can still do it thanks to advances in cosmetic surgery. By looking good, you will be more comfortable and think that life begins again for you. 

Why Have Facial Rejuvenation Surgery?

There are several reasons why facial skin loses its good appearance:

Ageing:  When a person ages, it is normal for the skin to lose elasticity; therefore, it is easy for the problem of sagging facial skin to appear.

Excessive experience of the sun: Being in the sun for a long time causes irreparable damage to the skin, such as spots, burns and even cancer. But it can also lead to loss of skin definition.

Stress: Being under pressure every day and affecting emotional health can also affect the appearance of the skin.

Tobacco: This habit can lead to the loss of brightness and tone of the skin of the face.

All those wise women with low self-esteem due to noticing their aged faces can have a facelift in Madrid due to one of these causes.

Ideal Candidates for A Facelift In Madrid

The ideal candidates for a facelift in Madrid are women between the ages of 40 and 60 who present sagging, wrinkles and loss of skin tone on their face. But even though these are the ages at which this intervention is most requested, it can also perform by younger women who have an older look due to exposure to the sun or other factors. Cases of women in their 70s and 80s demand it because they want to improve the appearance of their faces.

Techniques Used to Perform A Facelift

Techniques Used to Perform A Facelift

MACS Lifting: “Minimal Access Cranial Suspension-Lift”

It is used to do a full stretch. It allows minimum access and the cranial suspension toward the crown. With this new technique, the scars will be extra minor.

Mini lifting: partial stretches

Greeneries a few scars. This technique use to perform a partial stretch. It barely lasts between 1 and 2 hours and the postoperative period is fast.

The Intervention Of The Facial Lifting In Madrid

Before the Facelift: – Facelift in Madrid

Before the facelift in Madrid, check that your health is good. They will perform various medical tests, such as a blood test, and ask if you have any chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. The surgeon will examine the features of the face to assess which technique to use to achieve the best results. At the Clinic of Doctor Millan Mateo, they do not intend to change your look entirely but only naturally highlight your beauty.

The Intervention: – Facelift in Madrid

The facelift surgery in Madrid lasts between 3 and 5 hours. It consists of separating the skin from the fat and muscles, tightening them and then removing the excess skin. The area the incisions are made depends on the type of technology use and the facial characteristics of each woman.

After the Operation: – Facelift in Madrid

You will likely have to stay overnight after the operation. It is usual for the first days to feel the skin of the face as if it were padded but rest assured that it is only temporary, and in a few weeks, it will disappear. During the first 15 days, it recommends that you do not go to work and that you do not do physical exercise or activities that could damage your face. You will be able to return to your usual routine after approximately two or three weeks but to sunbathe, you will still have to wait three months.

When Can the Results of Facial Rejuvenation Surgery Be Seen?

The result of a facelift in Madrid is not immediately appreciated. You will begin to notice it two or three weeks after the intervention, which is when the swelling of the face goes down. But to see the final results will have to wait a few months. After the facial rejuvenation surgery, the problems of sagging skin and wrinkles on the face will solve. You will be proud of having a firm look without excess hanging skin. So, you will enjoy having a younger appearance. You can presume that for you, the years do not pass.

Final Summary

The passing of the years leaves its mark on the skin of any woman’s face. The first wrinkles, furrows, and spots appear, and the skin sags and loses its shine. But with a facelift in Madrid, she can look a few years younger. This intervention consists of tightening the facial muscles and removing excess skin to restore the lost elasticity to the face. It will appear firmer and will recover the tone lost due to ageing. Facial rejuvenation surgery can perform in a complete facelift or a partial facelift, which is the least invasive, but both leave little scarring. The postoperative period is fast, and the results are very natural.

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