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Septum Piercing For Guys – Jewellery and More

A unique type of nose piercing is a septum piercing for guys in the Septum, which divides the nostrils. It does not pierce through the nose’s cartilage, unlike a nose piercing, but rather through a thin fleshy area known as the septum sweet spot.

Septum Piercing For Guys Jewellery Styles

Septum Piercing For Guys Jewellery Styles

Circular Barbells

Similar in appearance to CBRs, circular barbells don’t create a complete ring. However, the two balls on either end, also known as horseshoe barbells, make it a daring option for septum jewelry.

Captive Bead Rings

Because they are so simple to use, CBRs are excellent for Septum piercing for guys. You can select a basic bead or funky alternatives like pearls or opals. CBRs are the way to go if you want a robust and conventional design.

Curved Barbells

Curved barbells are similar to circular barbells but with a milder curve. Although they aren’t as popular as circular barbells, these are a favorite among individuals who value subtlety


Clicker rings are an excellent option for different patterns and comfort. It’s one of the most effortless jewelry designs because of the hinged mechanism. The remainder of the piece might also have multiple distinctive designs simultaneously.

Seamless Rings

Most people prefer seamless gold rings for a daintier appearance. However, consider a seamless hoop that will sit flat against your Septum for an adorable and edgy appearance if you like a more understated approach.

Crescent Pinchers

This design is for people who want to expand their Septum or have more prominent Septum piercing for guys. An o-ring holds the crescent form in place on each side.

Septum Retainers

When discretion is required, septum retainers are an excellent solution. This kind of jewelry lasts

What Is Jewelry Material Used For Septum Piercing For Guys?

  • Stainless steel: Due to its hypoallergenic nature, stainless steel is one of the safest metal options for any piercing.
  • Titanium: Another material preferred for nose rings that is durable and unlikely to induce an allergic reaction. When compared to other metals, titanium has a reputation for being more expensive.
  • Niobium: If you’re sensitive to metals, niobium can be a good option. Low likelihood of a reaction, and generally in the center of the pricing range.

How Long Does It Take For a Septum Piercing For Guys To Heal?

If the Septum pierces in the correct place, the recovery time for the Septum piercing is usually 6 to 8 weeks. It will take at least six months, possibly longer, if the cartilage was the site of the piercing. It’s an excellent decision to talk with your piercer to confirm that your Septum piercing for guys has entirely healed before discontinuing aftercare procedures because piercings can seem healed before they have finished the healing process.

Side Effects of Piercing

Infection And Irritation

Infection is the main worry when a piercing heals. Keep an eye out for pus, swelling, or growing pain. That might indicate an infection.” You might want to avoid getting your Septum pierced close to or around that period if you suffer from seasonal allergies or are susceptible to colds at particular times of the year. However, there is good news for hay fever sufferers: according to Lamb, blowing your nose is “perfectly OK” for you. However, you might want to avoid getting a septum piercing for guys if you have severe allergies or are prone to sinus infections. When wearing a septum ring, some people notice an odd smell— While the piercing won’t affect how you smell, an odor could indicate an infection in the area around the piercing or metal sensitivity.

Granulation Tissue And Scarring

A lump called granulation tissue, which many people mistake for scar tissue, can appear at the location of a nose piercing. Due to the surroundings around the nose and the jewelry, the healing process has vastly overreacted in this case. Scarring could also appear.

What Size Of Septum Ring Do You Normally Get Pierced With?

What Size Of Septum Ring Do You Normally Get Pierced With_

16G, sometimes known as 16 gauge, is the most popular gauge for Septum piercing for guys. However, the piercer you select could enlarge or reduce size based on your anatomy and preferences. While 16G is frequently the starting gauge, some people move up to 14G or down to 18G. Remember that nose rings come in different sizes depending on how they will fit and how thick the sterling silver or gold material is. Be sure to consult the piercer to determine which gauge is appropriate.

How To Find A Good Piercer For A Painless Piercing

Well, no piercing will ever be painless (after all, you are getting a needle shoved through your nose), but you can avoid extra pain by choosing a qualified piercer.

How To Measure A Septum Piercing For Guys

Although it’s great to have a piercer assist you in getting the proper fit for your Septum piercing for guys, you can measure the Septum piercing for guys’ jewelry at home with a ruler and a piece of paper. You can make a paper strip the appropriate size for your purposes, line it with the bottom of the piercing hole, and mark it with a pen or marker. Then, at the end of the nose, perform this. Also, use a ruler and millimeters to measure the marked area to determine the minor inner diameter you can comfortably wear. Although standard Septum piercing for guys’ sizes suits you, you might choose larger nose rings for various reasons.

How Painful Is a Septum Piercing For Guys?

Each person has a distinct threshold for pain. Some people find even the most ordinary piercings intolerable, while others readily agree to tongue splits and other drastic changes.

Everyone will experience piercing pain differently. However, there are a few things to think about when it comes to Septum piercing for guys.

Aftercare For Septum Piercing For Guys

Your piercing must be cared for, or it will become infected and look bad. Hopefully, all you’ll need to do is remove the jewelry. The best part is that a septum piercing for guys requires very little complex aftercare.

It would help if you used a saline solution to clean your new Septum piercing for guys twice daily. However, you must exercise extra caution if you plan to clean it with a cotton swab. Make sure that each swab you use to clean your piercing is clean, and avoid leaving particles of wool there because these can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria.

How To Clean Septum Piercing For Guys

It would help if you did specific things after getting a septum piercing for guys to maintain it clean and in good condition. So here are some instructions on cleaning septum piercing for guys and keeping them looking excellent, along with some helpful hints.

  1. Shower your hands with soap and water before handling the septum jewelry.
  2. Before cleaning, thoroughly rinse the septum-piercing area with water.
  3. Get a bowl of warm, soapy water to clean the area around the piercing site. Dip a cloth in it. Take care to thoroughly wash the area with soap and water for around 30 seconds to remove all dirt and bacteria.
  4. Use clean, fresh water to rinse off the soapy water.
  5. Use a dry cotton pad or swab to dry the area.
  6. Gently wipe away any debris on the surface of the jewelry by cleaning the piercing twice a day with a cotton swab or damp Q-tip (including gunk from inside your nose).


Septum piercing for guys is common among youth. Especially if we talk about the entertainment sector, we will find them promoted everywhere. Soon they will start trending in all societies.

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