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Amazing Prom Jewelry Ideas That Will Transform Your Look

Can you believe it’s graduation season soon? We know you can’t wait for Prom Night, but get caught up in all the excitement, and don’t forget some essential finishes to your Prom costume!

Now that you’ve found the perfect party dress, it’s time to find the right accessories to complete your look. After all, the jewels you decide to wear are just as important as the dress itself.

If you want to know how to combine jewelry and wedding dresses, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some expert tips to help you choose the right wedding jewelry.

Prom Graduation Earrings

Earrings are the most popular jewelry for a reason. Earrings brighten your face and are incredibly flattering.

Consider the color and neckline of your dress when choosing the best pair of earrings for your wedding. These are the deciding factors in choosing the right earrings so that they complement each other rather than collide.

If you’re wearing a colorful wedding dress, choose neutral metallic earrings such as gold, rose gold, and silver. Also, if you want to add sparkle, choose a classic white diamond or gemstone that is the same shade as your dress.

However, if your dress is black, white, gray, brown, or any other neutral color, you can wear colorful earrings to make it look brighter.

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Prom Necklace – Amazing Prom Jewelry

Before choosing the perfect necklace, think about the neckline of your dress. Choose a choker or short pendant necklace if your dress has a strapless, off-shoulder, or lover’s neckline. The V-neckline and plunging neckline are perfect for long chains and hanging necklaces.

On the other hand, if the dress’s neckline is high, skip the necklace altogether and choose dramatic earrings instead. This combo looks great with a dazzling up style.

Prom Bracelet and Ring –  Amazing Prom Jewelry

Wedding dresses tend to be sleeveless, but if you choose a long-sleeved gown, throw away the bracelet and choose a statement cocktail ring instead.

If the dress is very elaborate and has a lot of decoration, wear a delicate bracelet and ring. But if you choose a simple dress, you can wear a bling!

For a balanced look, you can combine a pair of bracelets on your right wrist and add a couple of rings on your left hand. You can also opt for a pretty chain bracelet paired with a cocktail ring or a simple stackable band paired with a statement bracelet.

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Where Can I Get Prom Jewelry From Charlotte, North Carolina?

At Ballantyne Jewelers, you can find a great selection of jewelry for your prom.

Whether you’re looking for dazzling earrings or pretty bracelets, our experts can help you find the perfect jewelry to shine on your special occasion.


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