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Best Chains And Necklaces For Men

Best Chains And Necklaces For Men  – Unless you rob your dear mother’s jewel box when you’re young or run around Southeast Asia in the years of the Gap as Leonardo Dicaprio on the beach, you’ve thought of putting a chain on your head like a man. There will not be.

But now the list of the most remarkable men in the world has grown, choosing men’s chains, pendants, pearl necklaces (Gosling, Hemsworth, Rocky, need to say more?), The long-awaited stereotype of the previous gender in fashion. Changing attitudes towards blurring (men wear watches, women wear jewels, let’s all moan together) Now is an excellent time to try a chain over your head. Here we’ll look at everything you need to start, from choosing the right pendant and chain length to how to attach it to your pre-assembled wardrobe easily.

The Past Of Bling, From Henry Viii To 50 Cent

Men always remain so disgusted with the little flaunts around their necks. The ancient Egyptians were defenders, with gold leaves studded on the channel covering, amulets, and guards tied to the beads to protect the wearer and bring good luck.

People in the Renaissance were also fans of the very wealthy who generously used themselves in works of plaques, chains, pendants, and beautiful jewels stretched to their shoulders. Can’t you believe it? Check out Henry VIII in his well-known portrait by Hans Holbein. It shows off the Hercules gold chain that embarrasses Run DMC.

Men weren’t always so tired of the little flashes around their necks. The ancient Egyptians were defenders, studded with gold foil around their necks, amulets, and guards attached to the beads to protect the wearer and bring good luck.

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The Renaissance people were also fans of the very wealthy people who were generous in the work of plates and chains. Pendants of all kinds, and jewelry of excellent shoulder length. Can’t you believe it? See Henry VIII in his famous portrait by Hans Holbein. It shows the Hercules gold chain that embarrasses Run-DMC.

Picking Your Metal – Best Chains

The first step to making it look like a pharaoh or runway wife is to choose a chain and pendant for men. Start with the material of the chain and choose a charm to add a popular and unique style. “The necklace should feel comfortable and casual, like a family heirloom,” says Michael Saiger, founder and creative director of American jewelry company Miansai.

The oxidized sterling silver chain provides a more masculine and timeless atmosphere and, combined with navy blue and gray. Delivers the perfect shade for the winter months. The yellow gold chain is brighter and complements warm tones such as orange and brown while creating a genuinely pop contrast to the black.

Consider wax cords if you’re looking for a casual necklace that suits your more casual style. It is especially suitable for summer months and flashy poolside days. A beaded necklace can have a worrying implication for the year of the gap. But adding volume and width to the slim neck. Paying attention to the sharp jawline (if you’re blessed with one), Works well in combination with other chains.

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Make The Pendant Personal – Best Chains

Of course, you can keep the chain. But adding a pendant gives you an essential personality: turn your head faster than the “Jam Master” says and have a conversation at a dinner party. Will be brought to. Jay. Ryan Gosling is the proud wearer of men’s necklaces. Has tagged his beloved dog George on the chain after his sad death in 2017.

However, there is no pendant recipe, and it would be ridiculous to follow the celebrity’s lead. So instead, be aware of anything you can connect with or tell an anecdote about. Whether it’s a letter or a diamond-studded dollar sign. “Ultimately, the purchase is personal and based on the selection process,” says Simpson. “What attracts you? What complements your style? And what does it tell others about your character?

In addition to a personal touch, Cyger is encouraged to look for vintage designs in pendants. “A fusion of the past and the present-day is always stylish.” For example. One of Miansai’s key styles is a coiled penny necklace inspired by old machines in museums and amusement parks.

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