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The 8 Best Powder Nail Kits to Become a Salon-Quality Manicure at Home

Nail Dip Powder, Shop the top-rated nail dip starter sets for a flawless DIY finish.

The Best Powder Nail Kits. Complimentary about each featured creation based on expert visions from the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab and online reviews of top-rated products. Many of our unique picks remain the same. But our choices for Best Overall Gear and Best Deluxe Gear are new.

Home Manicures can go except you a lot of Cash,

But even the best quality nail polish will inevitably go bad within days of applying it. That’s why nail care brands have started selling at-home gel nail kits in recent years, promising long-wearing, salon-quality hard gel polish manicures for a fraction of the price. But now, a new at-home manicure method that many DIY manicurists say is even better than gel: powder nail kits.

What Remains a Dip Powder Manicure?

Also known as SNS nails, powder nails are known for being long-lasting and don’t use UV light to harden, unlike gel nails. The color comes from dipping the pins in a finely ground pigmented powder before bonding with adhesive, rather than painting over hard liquid gel stripes. The result is a long-lasting, evenly layered manicure, usually only achieved by professionals until now.

Prepared to try a DIY dip powder manicure? We’ve rounded up the best powder nail kits you can buy for a salon-quality at-home manicure, based on GH Beauty Lab and editor’s favorites, as well as best sellers with many rave reviews online: Nail Powder Perfection Combo

It originates with a big jar of colored powder.

Only one color can remain selected

Created for professional salon use, OPI’s Dipping Powder Kit comes with one oversized dipping powder color (1.5 oz, that’s three times the size of most Dipping Powder Kit jars!) immersion) and three applicator liquids. And if you’re loyal to OPI, you can choose from 11 popular shades. “Salon excellence and so easy to do yourself. One critic reported.

Nail Dipping Powder Starter Kit

Eight colored powders Some reviewers say that the top layer is not the best quality.

An Amazon bestseller with nearly 8,000 five-star reviews, the Azure Beauty Kit is perfect for powder nail beginners. If you don’t have the basics yet, this set comes with more than just the color powders and liquids – it also equips you with a nail file, powder brush, and three replacement liquid brushes so you can properly prep your nails before applying. the base coat and powder. “I’ve never done dip powder before, and it was super easy and came out great,” said an Amazon reviewer. Nail Dipping Powder Starter Kit

It Does non Come with Nail Tools.

When you don’t consume the time (or endurance) to wait for your nails to dry, this GH Dip kit comes in handy in various bright and bold shades. The brand claims it saves 25% of operating time, leaving less room for mistakes. “I’m a total beginner to dip powder, and this set was easy to use, and the results are great,” shares one reviewer.

Comprises nail file and buffer, Nail Dip Powder

Indulge in a bit of color change nostalgia as you apply the fun cooler change powder in this Color Club kit. The tones transform with temperature, so it’s like getting two manicures. “Nail polish is cool because it changes colors,” says one reviewer. Plus, “so easy to use!”

Best Dip Powder Nail Color Mixing Kit

It comes in six customizable colors. Get creative with color with the Red Carpet Manicure Kit, which comes with six powders that can remain mixed to create unique shades. “I love how you can do whatever color you want,” commented one reviewer.

Acrylic Nail Polish Remover Clips

A salon-quality manicure requires salon-quality removal. Instead of energetically rubbing an acetone-soaked cotton pad over your manicure, use these handy Teenitor clips that hold acetone-soaked places on your nails until the polish has broken down enough to remove quickly. Genius! “This worked,” says one reviewer. “It does a countless job of holding the cotton firmly in place. Something aluminum foil couldn’t do.”


Beautifully painted nails are one of the biggest fantasies of most women. Nail polishes and paints have a way of making hands and fingers look elegant and feminine. Even if your home schedule includes washing clothes and cleaning utensils, try this trick – wash your hands, moisturize them, file your nails and then color them – you will see how not only do they look beautiful, the entire process will boost your spirits too.

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