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When Did Gift Baskets Begin?

The gift baskets begin they originate from the Roman Empire. Even then, the Roman patrons entertained their “clients,” people with few resources whom they helped with specific tasks, with a wicker basket full of high-quality food. This gift was something that so-called “clients” could not usually afford. For this reason, it became a very celebrated and well-received tradition among Roman communities

Giving Baskets Throughout History – Gift Baskets Begin

The Roman tradition expanded until reaching the Middle Ages. Thus, one of the cultures that adopted it more firmly was the Anglo-Saxon. Among many variations, they were the ones who determined that December 26 would be celebrated as “Boxing Day.” This way, a day was set to deliver the basket that coincided with Roman traditions.

According to tradition, Saint Stephen’s saints were celebrates that day. In addition, the British nobles gave away boxes full of food and other goods throughout that day to their domestic employees.

Why Send Home Gift Baskets?

Here are five valid reasons to convince you to choose this gift idea for the next occasion.

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Zero Waste

Gift baskets are not only something useful, but they are also zero waste. What does this mean? It means that in 99% of cases, this gift will be fully use and will not be thrown away or forgotten in a closet. It is because the baskets always contain things to eat and drink, such as wine, pasta, and cookies, which practically everyone consumes daily.

So this gift is also ecological because it does not contribute to consumerism, waste, and consequent environmental pollution.

Surprise – Gift Baskets Begin

In this article, we are not talking about simple gift baskets, but baskets purchased online and delivered to your home. So without a doubt, this gift will be a real surprise! And then, if we combine that with the fact that the content is sure to appreciates, it seems like the ideal gift.

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High Quality

If the surprise of receiving a gift basket at home is welcome. The unpleasant surprise of giving or receiving a shoddy gift is unwelcome. So even if the gift baskets may cost a bit more than other pansies you find on the market, this is because the quality of the ingredients is guarantee.


Not only is quality guaranteed, but sending home gift baskets is also super convenient, especially if you shop online. At Wine Flowers, we provide this service. Visit the section of our site dedicate to gift baskets

Reach People Everywhere

This idea is even more convenient if the lucky recipient lives in an area of ​​Italy far from their country of residence. Sometimes it’s hard to stay in touch and remember birthdays, holidays, and events when someone lives far away. Fortunately, with a home delivery service throughout Italy, your basket can arrive wherever your family and friends live.


Sending gift baskets home is, without a doubt. An excellent gift idea for the whole year, and not just for Christmas, especially in this period when the virus has made it very difficult to meet other people or buy an original gift physically.

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