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Silica Supplement

Silica Supplement – Silica is a common mineral in soil, fruits, and vegetables (small amounts). Silica is involved in forming collagen and is an essential mineral for solid hair, skin, and nails. It can allow a healthier and more youthful look for your skin. Silica is also beneficial in building strong bones and can provide structural support for blood vessels, kidneys, and bladder. It is also very helpful in supporting normal urine function and control. In addition, silica is thought to support brain aging, cell growth, healthy circulation, and healthy veins and arteries.

What Is Silica? – Silica Supplement

You may remember silicon (Si) when you were a student. It is in the periodic table between aluminum and phosphorus. (Did you remember? I don’t too; I had to google it.) When the two elements of silicon and oxygen combine, silica (SiO2) is formed. It is also called quartz glass. Surprisingly, you may be able to recognize silica from the small white hygroscopic bags found in new handbags and shoe boxes.

“Silica is the third most abundant trace component in the human body after iron and zinc,” clarifies Sharkar. Of course, we’ve all heard about zinc (which helps strengthen the immune system and repair wounds) and iron (which helps keep the blood healthy). But what is this lesser-known deal with silica? “It has a huge effect on skin renewal. Silica is strongly associated with healthy and youthful skin,” says Sharkar.

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The Benefits of Silica – Silica Supplement

  • Helps strengthen the body’s connective tissue: Sharkar says: “The collagen needs to be reconstructed. It is located within the collagen and acts like an adhesive, giving the connective tissue strength and flexibility and providing elasticity. “
  • Maintaining healthy skin, nails, hair, and teeth – This adhesive-like function means that silica is essential for maintaining strong and healthy nails, teeth and hair.
  • Acting as an anti-inflammatory agent: Silica is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that helps relieve skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 3
  • Helps balance hormones – this excellent mineral also helps balance other minerals such as calcium and magnesium. They also play a vital part in preserving hormonal balance. Sharkar said: Without silica, it would break. “
  • Can use prophylactically: So, if our bodies make things, why do we need to supplement? Just as collagen production slows around 25, so does a silica. (By chance? We don’t think so.) ” It can use prophylactically when thin lines are visible or even better,” Sharkar said. Mr. says.
  • Brightening the skin with continued use: It takes time to notice the difference, but up to 12 weeks, Sharkar has a lighter skin color, a youthful glow, more elastic, and harder. In addition, there are many impressive benefits, such as skin (or “bounce”). “), And generally moist skin. It also helps reduce facial pores, scratches, and wrinkles.
  • Helps skin oxygenate: “Silica is a powerful oxygen carrier that increases the carriage of nutrients and oxygen to the skin, giving it a shine,” clarifies Sharkar. “It helps erythrocytes carry 20 per hundred more oxygen, so the skin remains more hydrated. Look for
  • skin to shine and the acne, eczema, and psoriasis to disappear. It, A particular sign that it’s employ. “

Side Effects of Silica Supplements

Silica supplements can obtain from bamboo or horsetail plants. “Horsetail is unsuitable for everybody and may take contraindications for diabetes and pregnancy,” Sharkar advises. If in doubt, consult a holistic healthcare provider before starting a supplement regimen. Silica is suitable for people with kidney or heart disease and fluid retention. contraindicate. ”

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How to Use Silica – Silica Supplement

Suppose you’re not interest in adding supplements to your daily life. In that case, you can also increase your silica intake throughout your diet by including plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, onions, green beans, cucumbers, celery, and asparagus.

However, the only way to get enough minerals is to use supplements. “If you’re taking silica in capsule form, 180-360 milligrams per day is a good starting dose,” says Sharkar.

When purchasing silica supplements, you must ensure they are free of unwanted or unhealthy additives and fillers. And with accessories, don’t forget to get what you pay for.

“Silica supplements bind and stimulate water-binding particles called glycosaminoglycans, which also recovers skin hydration,” says Somenek.

This particular health fluid is easy to consume and design to support collagen development naturally, structure, function, and health in bones, cartilage, connective tissues, and blood vessels.

Silica helps the skin in a myriad of ways, says Somenek. “It supports the erythrocytes carry 20 percent extra oxygen, and it also helps the skin continue hydrated,” speaks Somenek.

“Silica increases the carriage of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, so silica supplements also authority the skin shining,” says Somenek.

But, silica is great for many skin types but may have specific benefits for people suffering from dry skin. “Silica is a natural anti-inflammatory manager that helps relieve skin situations such as psoriasis and eczema,” says Somenek.

It was specially develop to optimize intestinal absorption. In addition, it heals the skin and increases collagen from the inside to the outside.

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