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How Should Be a Perfect Vegan Breakfast?

How Should Be a Perfect Vegan Breakfast?  – Is there anything better than starting the day with a good breakfast? Waking up and enjoying a healthy, wealthy, and colorful vegan breakfast is undoubtedly a little luxury we can give ourselves to face the day with renewed energy. Whether you have decided to start a vegetarian or vegan diet, or if you want to reduce the consumption of animal products. You must eat a nutritionally conscious and complete diet. We will focus on making your veggie breakfast as healthy and complete as possible, being 100% vegetable.

Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar”; This famous saying that the vast majority of us know has been doing its thing in the diet culture. Along with the belief that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, many confused individuals have understood that breakfast should be the most copious and, therefore, the caloric intake of the day. However, we will see the excuse of lack of time and possibly the lack of ideas to make a vegan. Vegetarians or any other breakfast that is easy and delicious has negatively impacted the habits of many people.

All this has been relegating the moment of this first meal of the day to a simple procedure to which we do not pay enough attention. And we settle for the most accessible option that, usually, is the least indicated.

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The answer to the previous question is it depends. It depends on each person and their lifestyle and habits. How you organize your day largely determines when you need to eat more food. Either due to time or physiological needs. For example, a person who works the night shift probably does not feel like “breakfast” too much before going to bed. On the other hand. Someone who usually eats late and a considerable amount probably won’t wake up with too much appetite and will be able to hold out with a coffee with milk until noon, when they most likely feel like a snack.

Neither Breakfast – Perfect Vegan Breakfast

So, neither breakfast is the essential intake of the day nor does it have to be. What is important is the quality of what rates. And this must assess in the whole diet for the entire day. Not only in a single intake.

In this sense. People who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet do not differ in any way since the caloric intake of some plant foods can be equal to or higher than other foods that incorporate ingredients of animal origin. For example, toast with peanut butter and jam. One of the most accessible vegan options to make can easily exceed the calories of toast with butter and jam.

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Where. How and What Do We Have for Breakfast? – Perfect Vegan Breakfast

According to a study carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture. Fisheries and Food from the Food Consumption and Distribution Observatory. 72% of Spaniards make a single breakfast at home, 23.2% divide their breakfast at home and mid-morning outside of them, 3.7% only eat breakfast out, and, finally, the remaining 1.4% never eat breakfast.

The time dedicated to breakfast at home is 13.4 minutes during the week and 18 minutes at the weekend. Any day of the week, the data outside the house seems more relaxed, reaching 19 minutes on average. Another notable data collected by the previous study is that 63% of those surveyed have breakfast at home without any company during the week. And up to 17.1% do so standing up.

69% of Spaniards have the same breakfast every day, and women come to vary the options more. The main foods consumed at home are coffee with milk, loaf bread, olive oil, and fruit. On the other hand, in those made outside the home. In addition to coffee and bread, pastries are usually one of the most recurrent foods.

Drawing conclusions from this study is relatively straightforward. The early morning rush. The lack of conciliation with the rest of the family with whom we share the home and the lack of ideas so as not to hate breakfast is the key factors that indicate the lack of attention we pay to the first meal of the day

How Should Your Breakfast Not Be?

Unfortunately, a series of customs have been marked by the food industry. Which has insisted on making us believe that a bowl of cereals or a package of cookies accompanied by their prepared fruit shakes are the best options for a complete breakfast.

Industrial pastries, cookies, sausages, fruit juices, smoothies, sugary yogurts, and other “refreshing” drinks must disappear from our breakfasts. These foods not only do not provide us with nutrients but are also loaded with added sugars, and refined flour. Poor quality oils and high amounts of salt. In addition to leaving unhealthy foods aside. We must stop being among that 69% that eat a monotonous breakfast and encourage ourselves to vary and try other ways to start the day with new easy and balanced vegan recipes.

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