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Disease History Tarkov 

Disease History Tarkov – It would help if you went to Reserve, got the two Medical Records, and then, after safely ejecting, gave them to the Therapist to finish.

the Escape from disease history tarkov mission. One Grizzly medical kit, one Ibuprofen Painkiller, 30,000 Roubles, 7200 EXP, +0.03 Therapist rep, five CALOK-B hemostatic applicators, and one Ibuprofen Painkiller are the rewards for completing this mission.

How To Finish The Quest in Escape From Disease History Tarkov

Required Keys For The Quest

To complete the disease history tarkov quest, you will require both the RB-KSM key and the RB-SMP key. Medical Journal No. 1 will obtain the RB-KSM key, and Medical Journal No. 2 will get it using the RB-SMP key.

Going to Reserve to complete the quest would be my recommendation because it will be ten times simpler.

However, it might not work out well if you try to stack this quest with others. This is due to Reserve being the most challenging map to extract from.

There are too many circumstances for effective extractions, and raiders also spawn often simply because they may collect treasure from agricultural raiders and other unlooted regions.

the area is overrun with Player-Scavs.

Medical Building – White Bishop Building

From the road leading up to the Scav Lands extract, enter the medical facility (PMC and Scav extract). Go to the left and right sides of the floor once you are on the second floor, one floor up. You will only need both keys (RB-KSM and RB-SMP) to unlock each Medical Journal, which will all be on the same floor.

On the right side of the room from where you entered the door, between two bookcases, is where you’ll find the first medical journal (RB-KSM key room). Medical supplies can see in this area, along with one sports bag. Not much to note.

Under the shelves, on the left side of the room, is where you’ll find the second medical journal (RB-SMP key room). This chamber should provide more excellent loot than the RB-KSM room. it features a lot of medical supply spawns and an ophthalmoscope spawn.

Disease History Tarkov Features

  • One of the multiplayer game types is a walkthrough with a narrative-driven storyline—complete raids on expansive maps either with your friends or by yourself.
  • Discover many distinctive and authentic spots in the disease history of tarkov city and its surroundings, including residential neighborhoods, a military installation, and a chemical plant complex. A private living area, and other places with changing weather and day/night cycles in real-time.
  • Find out about secret sites, including underground storage facilities, sealed TerraGroup offices, and reserved facilities and stockpiles.
  • Discover objects and information that will be valuable for understanding what is happening in the city.

Escape From Disease History Tarkov

The most challenging part of completing the Escape From disease history tarkov task is obtaining the two keys needed to open the rooms where the health records live.

The two keys in the query are the RB-KSM key and the RB-SMP key. Unfortunately, unlike other missions.

There is no way to exchange these keys, leaving it entirely up to luck whether you find them. The ‘easiest’ way to find them is to buy them at the Flea Market.

But it can be extortionately expensive depending on what phase of the wipe you are in. Your best bet is to look in the pockets, jackets,  and bags of Scavs.

ESCAPE FROM Disease History Tarkov GuideESCAPE FROM Disease History Tarkov Guide

Obtaining the two keys required to open the rooms housing the medical records is the single most challenging aspect of completing the Escape From disease history tarkov History assignment. The RB-KSM key and the RB-SMP key are the two keys in dispute.

You should proceed to the White Bishop building via the helicopter on Reserve as soon as you have both keys in your possession. The two doors we need to unlock are on the initial floor, which can be reached by climbing the stairs after entering the building.

Get the second Medical Record from the doctor’s office, then use the last RB-KSM key to unlock it. The item in this area will be in the bottom right corner of some open shelf on the left side.

After safely picking up both of them, proceed to an extract point and give the Therapist possession of them before entering a new raid. Both tasks complete independently; you do not require to complete both during the same attack.

That completes the instructions for completing the Escape from its quest. Fortunately.

Escape From Disease History Tarkov Review

With headquarters in Saint-Petersburg, the Russian game company Battlestate Games created the hard-core and realistic online first-person action RPG with MMO aspects known as “Escape from disease history tarkov.”

The fictional Norvinsk region, on the border of Europe and Russia, serves as the setting for disease history tarkov.

A city that has descended into anarchy due to the Contract Wars. Rival scavenging gangs, former private military forces, and black operations groups. now prowl the once-bustling city.

One of the most challenging quests in the game is the Escape From Tarkov Disease History Therapist. Like many other jobs in Escape From Tarkov.

completing the disease history of tarkov involves two very difficult-to-find keys. However, this leader will give you all the advice you need to finish the Escape From task.


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