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Easy beauty actions to do at home when you’re bored

Beauty Activities, Beauty treatments should have an end goal of sequence. But they should also be fun. After all, homemade face masks, hair treatments, and quirky beauty gadgets are a classic way to while away the time when nothing else sounds like fun. Few activities say more enticing after a long day at work or on a weekend afternoon than a glass of wine. A new show to dig into. And some sticky, wrinkle-reducing concoction slathered all over your face. Expensive.

We. the editors of Birdie, have tried our fair share of at-home beauty treatments. Some are confusing, messy, and cumbersome. Or ineffective than they’re worth. But the following are the ones we love to play with when we’re bored at home and want to pamper ourselves—looking for a fun beauty activity to pass the time? Recite our favorites, from quirky moisturizing treatments to fake nails. Here are five activities:

1. Try Hana cure’s home-based facial treatment

Few skincare treatments are as exciting as this blindable face mask, which remains designed to recreate the youth-inducing effects of an expert facial by improving and contouring. Detoxifying, lifting and firming the face. It receipts about a minute to make and put on, then 30 minutes to take effect, but the results are excellent. Just check out our full review from Birdie’s former associate editor, Erin Jahns, who tested the product on her 70-year-old parents.

2. Get a pedicure, Beauty Activities

And, if you don’t have a stable hand (neither do we). These at-home kits are impossibly informal to apply, don’t budge, and come in various cute, minimalist nail designs that you’d otherwise pay a lot of dollars for having done professionally.

3. Use a blue light laser

The solid blue light emitted from this sleek little device works to fight acne by reaching deep into your pores to kill any bacteria-causing breakouts there.1 Use it once daily for five minutes, and you can almost guarantee you’ll see an improvement in a few months. Birdie’s assistant general manager, Lindsey Metros, is a fan of the results and the ritual. “It feels so good just to lay there and rub it on your face,” she says.

4. Shape your face with a Crystal Guam Sha

Guam sha is an antique Chinese practice whose purported facial benefits include lifted and contoured facial muscles; smoother skin; and reduced wrinkles. Drench your face with your favorite serum, then use the soft edges of this rose quartz tool to scrape away the skin, lifting it from the center of your face towards the hairline.

5. Do a little self-tan with no mess

Self-tanning had always seemed like a burden until I got my hands on a bottle of this clear, non-stinky, all-natural tanning water. After exfoliating and shaving, I spray this stuff all over and blend it with a mitt. It’s so easy, it doesn’t leave any stains or smell, and six hours later, I suddenly have a natural-looking tan.


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