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Zydus Needle Free Corona Vaccine Zycov D

Zydus Needle Free Corona Vaccine Zycov D – The COVID-19 vaccine Zycov-D create by the Indian pharmaceutical company Zydus Cadila without the use of needles. The vaccine is undergoing clinical trials in India and anticipates being usable soon. A plasmid vector use by the DNA vaccine Zycov-D to introduce the SARS-CoV-2 virus’ genetic material into human cells. The vaccine employs an injector that doesn’t require a needle, intended to lessen the pain and discomfort of conventional injections.

What is the ZyCoV-D COVID19 Vaccine

What is the ZyCoV-D COVID19 Vaccine

The first DNA-based COVID-19 vaccine to be administered to humans, including children and adults 12 years of age and older, is the ZyCoV-D vaccine, created in India. So, the vaccine was developed in association with the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and is being distributed under the banner of “Mission COVID Suraksha,” which is being run by BIRAC, a PSU of DBT. So, no DNA vaccines have yet been authorized for use in humans. But several DNA vaccines are undergoing human clinical trials, and we regulatory agencies have already given a few DNA vaccines the green light. The vaccine has a 66.66% effectiveness rate based on DNA plasmid technology. ZyCoV-D was originally a three-dose vaccine administered three to four weeks apart, but it recently license for a two-dose schedule.

The Chemical Description

ZyCoV-D is a Plasmid DNA vaccine that, when administered, induces the production of the SARS-CoV-2 virus spike protein. This immune response mediates by the human immune system’s cellular and humoral arms and is crucial for b. The large pharmaceutical corporation, with its head office in Ahmedabad, asserts that the plug-and-play technology of the plasmid DNA platform can easily modify to handle virus mutations, including those already present.

How Is The Vaccine Administered Needle Free?

How Is The Vaccine Administered Needle Free_

The vaccine uses needle-free injectors to inject a tiny fluid stream through the skin and into the target tissue depth. The company asserts that this technology can eliminate the risk of needlestick injuries while significantly reducing potential negative effects. Patients with trypanophobia, a condition characterized by an irrational fear of blood or needles, will also benefit from it.


Cadila Healthcare applied to the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) on July 1, 2021. As a result, it asked permission to use the vaccine only in select, time-sensitive emergencies. The CDSCO Subject Expert Committee recommended that the DCGI approve the request on August 20, 2021.


Production of the ZyCoV-D vaccine, with an annual capacity of 240 million doses, began on April 23, 2021.

How Does Zycov-D Work?

Zycov-D is a DNA vaccine that contains a small piece of the SARS-CoV-2 virus’s genetic material. It includes the genetic coding for the virus’s spike protein, responsible for its ability to penetrate human cells. The vaccination intends to elicit an immune response to the spike protein, which will aid the body in fighting off the virus if exposed to it again. A plasmid vector, a small ring of DNA that can replicate within cells, is used to deliver the vaccine—the spike protein’s genetic material carried by the plasmid vector used in Zycov-D engineering. The plasmid vector enters human cells and guides them to manufacture the spike protein. The plasmid vector enters human cells and guides them to manufacture the spike protein when the vaccine vaccinates the body. The immune system knows the spike protein as alien and launches an attack against it.

Advantages of Zycov-D

There are several advantages to using Zycov-D over traditional COVID-19 vaccines:

  1. Needle-free administration: Zycov-D uses a needle-free injector, expected to lessen the pain and suffering associated with typical injections.
  2. No need for a cold chain: Unlike some other COVID-19 vaccines, Zycov-D does not require cold storage, making it easier to transport and distribute.
  3. Low-cost production: Zycov-D expects less expensive than previous COVID-19 vaccines, making it more accessible to patients in low-income nations.
  4. Good safety profile: The vaccine has demonstrated good safety in animal tests and currently test for safety and efficacy in people.

How does it compare with other COVID vaccines, and what makes it different?

The COVID vaccine made by Zydus Cadila differs significantly from other intramuscular vaccinations today. All available vaccinations have been created to protect against the SARs-COV-2 virus, but some vaccines have different administration methods and dosage requirements, particularly the ZyCoV-D vaccine.

It is a three-dose vaccine.

ZyCOV-D is a three-dose regimen compared to other COVID vaccines in India. The three doses of ZyCoV-D are to administer on days 0, 28, and 56, according to Zydus Cadila. According to reports, the business is also developing a two-dose vaccination.

Is it safe enough for kids?

Is it safe enough for kids_

The first vaccination candidate to approve for use in children over 12 is ZyCoV-D.

Covaxin from Bharat Biotech is another contender for creating kid-friendly vaccines. The vaccine now tests for use in children aged 2 to 18.

Clinical Trials and Efficacy

Clinical Trials and Efficacy

In India, Zycov-D is undertaking phase III clinical trials, which examine the vaccine’s safety and efficacy in many patients. The trials began in December 2020 and expect to complete over the next several months. Zycov-D is safe and well-tolerated in humans, according to preliminary results from phase I and II trials. The injection elicited a strong immune reaction against the spike protein in animals and people. Because phase III clinical trials are continuing, the vaccine’s efficacy against COVID-19 is uncertain. However, the findings from the earlier trials are favorable, and the vaccine expects to prevent COVID-19 successfully.

Availability and pricing

Once it receives the emergency use authorization, the business intends to produce 10 to 12 crore doses annually. However, the business did not mention the anticipated cost of the vaccination shot. Instead, it was clear that the needle-free applicator would have different pricing, and the vaccine would charge separately. The business hasn’t determined whether it would market the finished product by bundling the pricing of the jab and the applicator.

To comment on the price is premature. That dialogue has not yet taken place. However, before ZyCoV-D is commercially released, we will disclose the price, Patel said during a news conference. He said the Zydus vaccine’s development cost up to Rs 500 crore.


In the above article, we, Vigor blog, have discussed some essential points related to zydus needle free corona vaccine zycov d. Zydus Cadila’s needle-free COVID-19 vaccine, Zycov-D, is a new way to vaccination that offers various advantages over standard vaccines. The vaccine is undergoing phase III clinical trials in India, and preliminary results from previous trials are positive. If the injection proves safe and effective, it could be an appreciated tool in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in low-income nations where cost-effective and simple-to-administer vaccines are most needed. We hope that you found the following content to be helpful and informative. Keep visiting our website to read more insightful articles.

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