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Everything You Need To Know About Turkey Facebook Whatsapp

Turkey Facebook Whatsapp

Turkey Facebook Whatsapp – WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging app, will no longer require Turkish users to accept a contentious privacy policy update, the country’s Competition Board (RK) announced on Friday, ensuring that users can continue to use the platform.

WhatsApp’s terms of service were updated in January, allowing Facebook and its related companies to collect user data such as phone numbers and locations, causing outrage among its two billion global users.

Is Facebook Allowed in Turkey?

Is Facebook allowed in Turkey

In Turkey, there were around 66 million Facebook members as of October 2022, with over 28 percent of those users between the ages of 25 and 34. Furthermore, the second major age group was 18 to 24, accounting for 22.5 percent of the total.

Is Whatsapp Common In Turkey?

Is Whatsapp Common In Turkey

WhatsApp is not available in Turkey. However, users who live or visit the country can use a VPN to access the platform. We uncover the top WhatsApp VPNs in Turkey and explain how to use them to circumvent the limitations.

Several times, Turkey has blocked WhatsApp and other social media sites, compelling internet service providers (ISPs) to enact the restrictions on behalf of the government. Any resident or visitor who wishes to utilize the app to stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers would find this frustrating. Fortunately, there is a way to get around the restriction and use WhatsApp in Turkey as though you were outside the nation: use a VPN for WhatsApp.

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a service that encodes your internet traffic and routes it to a server in another location (that you choose). It is a service that encrypts your internet traffic and ways it to a server in another area (that you choose). This gives you access to sites that would otherwise restrict you because your ISP and other snoopers cannot read the contents of your communication or determine where it is heading. Unfortunately, the Turkish government has blocked some VPN services, but others continue to function correctly.

Turkey Probes Facebook Move To Collect Whatsapp

Turkey Probes Facebook Move To Collect Whatsapp

The Turkish Competition Board announced on Monday that it had begun an inquiry into WhatsApp and its owner, Facebook Inc., days after the messaging service requested users’ permission to share their location and phone information with Facebook.

The update to WhatsApp implement worldwide, but it seems to have drawn particular attention in Turkey.

where the media office of President Tayyip Erdogan and the defense ministry informed journalists they were moving their WhatsApp chat groups to the competing app BiP, a Turkcell subsidiary.

In writing, the Competition Board of Turkey announced that the data-gathering requirement should postpone until the investigation finishes.

Facebook and WhatsApp are the subjects of a Competition Board probe, which has also suspended the necessity to share WhatsApp.

Last Wednesday, WhatsApp updated its terms of service to permit Facebook and its affiliates to gather user data. The revised terms must accept by February 8th.

Since then, demand for the rival messaging services Telegram and Signal has suddenly increased.

Following the Competition Board’s announcement, a WhatsApp spokeswoman told Reuters that the firm was still committed to “delivering secure and private chats for everyone” and denied that modifying its services would negatively affect platform privacy.

Since passing a law in July that it claims strengthens local oversight of multinational companies, Turkey’s government has targeted social media companies with new regulations and fines.

According to critics, the rule stifles criticism among Turks who have turned to internet forums after the government strengthened its grip on mainstream media.

Which Chatting App Is Used In Turkey?

Which Chatting App Is Used In Turkey


BiP, Turkey’s safe living and chatting platform has launched a new function that allows users to quickly transfer group chats from other apps.

BiP has 80 million members worldwide.

maintains creative investments and introduces group chat import, which allows users to move their existing group and individual chats, including videos and images, all at once.

Unlike other programs, users do not need to individually add each other using one by one because BiP manages the import automatically by adding all participants in.

Burak AKINCI, CEO of BiP, commented on the most current feature of BiP: “Digitization is increasingly becoming a norm. A messaging app is no longer just a messaging app but a live ecosystem through which we connect, work, and trade. In such an ecosystem.

users must feel protected and secure. Consumer protection and consent are crucial in an era when we face constant cybercrime threats as firms and individuals.

We place a high value on data ethics and security. A secure and easy migration experience exemplifies our commitment to provide a comprehensive and satisfying CX.”

Why Do The New Terms Differ For Europe?

Like other major technology corporations, Facebook has suffered months of criticism from Europe and the United States for its competitive behavior and privacy policies.

According to the updated version of WhatsApp’s privacy policy for European users, data can share with other Facebook companies to display personalized advertising and offers.

But, Facebook has clarified that the company will exclusively be used to develop the new features available to WhatsApp Business accounts. Regular European users’ data privacy terms will not change, but they will require to accept the conditions to continue using the messaging service.


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