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Thunder, Independent or Venture Trucks? the Final Decision

Thunder Trucks, Trucks are the lifeblood of your skateboard, decks come and go, but your trucks stick around for a long time. Your rig will feel very different depending on the trucks you use. Do you know what type of trucks you currently have? No problem. Neither did I for an extended time until I skidded someone else’s deck with different trucks. I was amazed at how stable it felt. I wanted the same setup and searched for exactly what I needed.

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So Which One Remains the Best?

I can’t understand it because I like all brands and you can’t go wrong with them. Independents perform best at skate parks, bowls, and ramps. They are the heaviest. They last longer, but they rotate more slowly. Thunders are excellent for street skateboarding. They are more responsive and turn better. The downside is that they wear out faster. Venture companies are cheaper and provide more stability but offer less spin. The best truck depends entirely on where you skate, your style, and your preferences. You can’t say that the Thunders are better than the independent trucks or the Ventures are better than the independents. His personal preference is anecdotal, which isn’t exactly hard science. Let’s get into the details of what kind of skater you remain.

In what way do they Rotate

One of the most shared things you hear is that the Thunders turn better, and the Indy’s have some lag. While this is somewhat true, it can remain argued that the Indy’s have a steeper turn once you cross a certain threshold. If you want more responsive trucks, you should probably go for Thunders, but if you prefer tighter turns, go for Indy’s.

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Which Provides the Most Constancy?

Ventures, I love the feel of skating mini ramps. I’ve skated Thunders and Independents, but Ventures feels more stable. Since I mainly ride mini ramps because I’m an older skater, I fell in love with Ventures, personal preference! However, I also love my indies. It’s hard to pick a side here.

Which Grinds Better?

Thunders grind great but wear faster. The Venture is in the middle, and Indy’s wear slower. The Indies are great for thick overhangs due to all the metal on the truck. At a certain point, grooves will begin to form that will help you lock in your grind.

However, Thunder often needs replacement once you slot them. In general, Thunder is considered the best when it comes to grinding.

Change in Weight

It doesn’t make a difference. Some argue that lighter trucks make it easier, but I think that has to do with confirmation bias. So far, I haven’t seen any proof except for anecdotal claims. The Indy is the heaviest, and the Thunder is the lightest.

If you’re looking for something lightweight, consider Tensor. They make the lightest trucks in the world. Does it make a difference? Discover it here.

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Tallness Difference

There is no standardization when it comes to sizes and heights. For example, buying a low-risk truck could be a medium/high Thunder truck. Thunder has the shortest trucks, and Venture has the tallest “tall” trucks. Independent is kind of in the middle.

It isn’t apparent, but keep this in mind when you get new trucks. Low or high doesn’t matter to everyone. Some prefer high, and some prefer low.


They are the heaviest, last longer, but turn slower. Thunders are great for street skateboarding, are more responsive and turn better. The downside is they wear down faster. Ventures are cheaper, provide more stability but offer less turn.

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