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The Ultimate Guide To Symend 43m Series

Symend 43m Series

Symend 43m Series – Symend, which uses behavioral science to urge clients to pay past-due bills, has received $43 million in Series B funding.

This new cash injection was led by Inovia Capital, with contributions from an unknown consortium of donors.

Symend is a digital engagement platform that uses data-driven insights to help clients pay their bills on time. The program “empathetically” nudges clients to pay their bills using deep analytics and insights into customer behavior.

Its clients in North America include telecommunications, financial services, utilities, and also media organizations. The company recently launched an office in Australia to support its Asia-Pacific activities.

it also wants to expand into Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

What Is Symend?

What Is Symend

Symend is a firm that uses AI and machine learning to automate debt resolution processes for telecoms, banks, and utilities. Symend announced today that it had raised $42 million in growth capital from Inovia Capital, with participation from Impression Ventures, Mistral Venture Partners, BDC’s Growth Venture Co-Investment Fund, BDC Capital’s Women in Technology Fund, Plaza Ventures, and EDC. While the amount is significantly less than Symend’s previously extended Series B round ($95 million).

Symend’s CEO, Joshaghani, stated that it is “fully equity” and takes the company’s total cash raised to date to $140 million.

Symend Funding

Symend Funding

The company Symend has raised $43 million in funding. Symend develops behavioral analytics that interacts with customer engagement products to help identify consumers having problems paying bills and provides payment alternatives to prevent them from defaulting entirely.

The funding represents an expansion to its Series B round, completed in May last year.

bringing the round’s total to $95 million. Since the Calgary, Canada-based startup’s founding in 2016, it has raised over $100 million.

This most recent round of fundraising is being led by Inovia Capital. with participation from other unidentified investors.

While Hanif Joshaghani, CEO of Symend, and Tiffany Kaminsky, the startup’s CMO, did not disclose the company’s valuation.

they did note that it follows a “huge surge” in business investments in solutions to support clients who are having trouble making payments.

“Customer uncertainty has been quite high, and service providers cannot serve the massive amounts of inquiries in a way that effectively resonates with and empathetically reassures clients,” he explained in an interview.

The business has primarily worked with telecommunications, financial services, utilities, and media clients. It claims to have two-thirds of North America’s top telecommunications providers as customers and a multinational bank.

Symend stated last year that it was on pace to work with 100 million consumers (clients’ customers) by the end of 2020.

we are asking the company if it has met that goal.

Symend 43m Series 100m Lundentechcrunch

Symend 43m 100m Lundentechcrunch is a cutting-edge platform that helps businesses optimize consumer engagement, loyalty, and earnings. This platform allows firms to combine customer relationship management (CRM) with customer experience/analytics data to obtain real-time, personalized, actionable insights. Lundentechcrunch offers a one-of-a-kind combination of advanced analytics that track customer relationship and experience activities and a customer engagement platform that provides individualized customer experiences. This platform is ideal for company executives in today’s digital age.

Key Features

Getting real-time, individualized client information is one of the main advantages of Symend 43m 100m Lundentechcrunch. The software tracks customer activity and identifies important customer trends using powerful analytics and data intelligence. Additionally, it has customer segmentation features that enable firms to go deeper into the customer experience and pinpoint critical areas for development.

The platform’s user-friendly interface enables companies to track client engagement activities, spot customer patterns, and develop tailored marketing campaigns effortlessly. Additionally, it offers a built-in contact center feature that allows companies to modify their client engagement approach swiftly.


Businesses may immediately spot areas for improvement, and detect trends in client interaction.

gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior using Symend 43m 100m Lundentechcrunch. In addition, by designing tailored customer experiences, businesses may use the platform to engage their customers more successfully.

Additionally, the platform offers a broad spectrum of data intelligence and analytics, enabling companies to precisely gauge client participation and enhance the experience. The integration capability also allows companies to respond promptly to customer requests and feedback, increasing client loyalty.

Symend 43m 100m overall Lundentechcrunch offers a user-friendly platform enabling companies to maximize client interactions. For companies aiming to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and earnings, Lundentechcrunch is the perfect answer, thanks to its cutting-edge analytics, tailored experiences, and also simple user interface.

Symend Raises $43m For Financially-At-Risk Customer Engagement Platform

Symend, a Canadian startup that supports companies such as financial institutions and values to identify and assist customers struggling to pay bills, has raised US$43 million. The funding – a Series B+ that tops up a May 2020 US$52 million Series B – was led by Inovia Capital.

Symend’s white-label digital engagement platform uses behavioral science and AI to help companies identify at-risk customers, offering insight into their situation and behavior. It then provides evidence-based recommended actions to help create unique treatment strategies that promise to ensure that customers are treated with empathy and are more likely to be able to make payments and stick with the company.

The firm already works with two-thirds of the major telecommunications providers in North America and also serves a multinational bank. With funding, Flush plans to grow its client roster, including in financial services, and expand in the Asia Pacific, Latin American, and EMEA markets.

Symend Increases $52M To Help Mediate When Customers Are At Risk Of Defaulting On Payments

Symend Increases $52M To Help Mediate When Customers Are At Risk Of Defaulting On Payments

With unemployment growing worrying, many more people are finding themselves in hot water regarding their funds. Today a startup that’s made a platform to help recognize and help those users when they cannot make payments is announcing a vast progress round of funding to meet new demands for its services.

Then suggests another possibility keep them from defaulting in all. It has selected up to $52 million in funding, a development round that will help it handle a massive boom in its business.

The company has been about since 2016 and has to date, “treated” (the situation term for customers that it has touched and interacted with) some 10 million customers on behalf of its enterprise clients. But its current funnel is such that CEO Hanif Joshaghani, who co-founded the company with Tiffany Kaminsky (the chief strategy officer), estimates they will have treated 100 million customers by the end of this year.

Symend’s Technology

Symend’s technology is purpose-built to serve complex  telecommunications, financial services, utilities , and media enterprises across North America . It was on track to expand its client roster globally in 2021 significantly. Symend newly opened an office in Australia to help the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market, with plans to expand into Latin America (LATAM) and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

its currently serves two-thirds of the leading telecommunications providers in North America and is successfully helping a multinational bank, quickly gaining a grip with other major players in financial services.

Symend validated its solution’s need along the customer journey by providing clients with rapid response capabilities through the COVID-19 pandemic. By relieving pressure from call centers overwhelmed by inquiries from uncertain customers, Symend created the capacity for clients to respond to evolving customer needs when needed.

Symend’s technology is purpose-built to serve complex global enterprises in telecommunications, financial services, utilities, and media. Symend is headquartered in Calgary and privately held, with global operations across Canada, the United States, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.


Customers don’t like to be “spoken at,” according to Symend’s study, according to cofounder Tiffany Kaminsky. So the corporation wants to use fewer of these “predatory” outside collection companies.

According to Kaminsky, the business will invest in its platform and expand its geographic reach to increase user capabilities. Symend has a staff covering Latin America in Spanish, a Sydney, Australia office built to serve the Asia-Pacific region, and potential plans to expand into Europe in the future.

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