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Sun Washed Citrus

Sun Washed Citrus

sun-washed citrus

Sun Washed Citrus, Aromatic notes: Sorrento lemon, citron, agave nectar

This is the most distinctive of all Bath & Body Works sweet lemon candles. Agave adds a slightly herbal note. Sun-Washed Citrus has less lemon flavor than the other BBW lemon candles we reviewed. For me, it’s a herbal lemon blend. Think lemon with mixed green herb leaves.

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Fresh air and sea salt

[Goose Creek gave me this candle to try in exchange for an honest review. All statements are my own opinions]. Fresh Air & Sea Salt is part of Goose Creek’s line of aromatherapy products. The label encourages users to “Restart”.

On a cold, Fresh Air & Sea Salt smells like body wash. It’s very, very clean and not at all sweet. The sea salt note catches my eye, but the others blend to convey a clean freshness. In the cold, and to a lesser extent while burning, I smell a very sharp astringent note in this candle. It’s a bit strange, almost like a cleaning product.

 Bamboo palm, coconut and hibiscus

Glow to Grow remains a small candle company focused on sustainability and craftsmanship. They create vegan soy candles in recycled containers of all shapes and sizes. Each candle includes a plan table wildflower paper dust cover. After the candle burns, the container can remain filled with soil, and the dust cover planted, turning it into a small flower garden. The candles remain beautifully packaged in recycled paper and labelled with a charming handwritten label.

This scent of bamboo, coconut and hibiscus palm is delightfully complex. It’s a floral candle with fresh greens followed by deep, creamy coconut. Floral notes are both the first and last notes you smell. I’m not a massive fan of coconut fragrances, but I liked this mix! It’s a bit tropical but not sweet like a cocktail. It is more earthy and herbal, with an organic sweetness. cocktail

 I highly recommend it.

I also love the bamboo fragrance paired with a glass container featuring a beloved panda bear. Very appropriate! We’re not giving these candles a shot score because each container is a different size, but the hot shot worked great in my small bathroom.

All Glow to Grow candles remain made with wooden wicks.

I prefer candles to diffusers or other home fragrance products because I love the warmth of a real flame. There is no better flame than a wooden wick! The wide flame and subtle crackle of Glow to Grow wood wicks add a little magic to each candle. That note softens on the hot shot. After recording this for a few hours, I’m conflicted. I probably wouldn’t repurchase it, but it’s undoubtedly accurate: it’s a fresh, salty (almost SALTY) water sail.

blue ocean waves

Neutral and soothing in the cold. Intense citrus at first when burning, with a “clean” impact. Eventually, the sandalwood becomes more prominent, and unfortunately, the last half is mostly a light cologne/musky scent. Did they put flower petal flakes in here or what? The last half gave me a headache, so I launched it early. I don’t think it’s mainly tropical or “island”. It doesn’t evoke a specific scent or season at all for me. In the


Sun-Washed Citrus by Bath and Body Works is a Citrus fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Sun-Washed Citrus was launched in 2020

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