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Services Offered at Speedee Oil Change & Auto Service

Speedee oil change & auto Service is a privately owned and operated establishment auto repair service that offers a broad range of preventive and corrective car upkeep administrations to its customers. With SpeeDee Performance Guaranteed Experts, cutting technology electronic symptomatic gear, and quality name-brand parts and products. We go all-out to provide the best and most tailored vehicle care for each vehicle we manage.

Is Changing Car Oil Necessary?

Is Changing Car Oil Necessary

However, it is necessary, Oil changes are necessary to keep your car going smoothly. In addition, an oil change service is also an excellent opportunity to have other parts of the vehicle inspect.

Keeps Your Engine Clean

Your engine oil lubricates, cools, and cleans several mechanical parts. The liquid helps to keep the engine temperature stable by reducing friction between various elements. Furthermore, engine oil removes debris and dust particles collected in individual parts.

Impure oil is incapable of carrying out essential duties. Changing the engine oil will so help in the restoration of these functions.

Pass Your Emissions Test And Help The Environment

If you don’t change your oil on a regular basis, unclean oil induces a buildup of these hydrocarbons inside the crankcase of your engine. These are subsequently burning, causing more to discharge into the atmosphere via the vehicle’s exhaust. You will not only pass this essential emissions test if you change your oil on time, but you will also pollute less.

Speedee Oil Change & Auto Service

Speedee Oil Change & Auto Service


Firstly, Speedee is one of the nation’s fastest-growing oil change and automotive service brands, with over 200 units open worldwide and a total of 250 expected by the end of this year. In 2020, the top 50% of franchisees averaged over $1.3 million in sales with an EBITDAR of $363,855. Item 19 of the SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service Franchise Disclosure Document contains complete financial performance information.

Your Folsom SpeeDee Oil Change & Automobile Service is a full-service auto automotive maintenance and repair shop that prides itself on service and quickness. Whatever the nature of your vehicle’s problem, we have the analytic equipment to get keeps done quickly so you can get back on the road. Our SpeeDee Performance Certified technicians can handle everything from oil changes to brakes, tune-ups, manufacturer-scheduled maintenance, vehicle repair, and more.

Premium Oil Change & Auto Service

To run smoothly, your car requires regular oil changes. If you’ve been putting off this important service, now is the time to do so in Royal Oak. We’re offering significant savings on a complete premium oil change, which includes up to 5 quarts of a major oil brand, a new oil filter, vital fluid top-off, tire pressure check, and grease fitting lubrication. However, we will conduct a multi-point vehicle maintenance inspection. All of this for a very reasonable price. Make an appointment for service today.

Speedee Oil Change & Auto Service Near Me


The first SpeeDee Oil Change location opened in Metairie, Louisiana in December 1980. Automobile service stations were declining then, but drivers’ demand for oil change services was increasing. That’s where we stepped in.

Therefore, Speedee quickly expanded into a quick lube and automotive tune-up service company, and the name was changed to SpeeDee Oil Change & Tune-Up to reflect these new service additions. In addition, as franchise opportunities became available, the number of stores increased.

By the mid-1990s, SpeeDee had expanded to a full-service auto maintenance and repair facility, adding complete brake service.

Midas International Corporation acquired the SpeeDee Oil Change & Tune-Up franchise in April 2008. In addition, midas International Corporation and SpeeDee launched a co-branding strategy in 2008, offering consumers the three most common vehicle maintenance services: oil changes, brakes, and tires.

SpeeDee Oil Change & Tune-Up was renamed SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service in 2013 to better reflect the wide range of services offered to customers.

SpeeDee became a subsidiary of Grease Monkey International LLC in February 2017. However, giving franchisees the opportunity to join one of the nation’s largest independent franchisors of automotive fast lube centers.

Auto Service Center

Auto Service Center

With over 136 million vehicles on the road today, the United States has the most cars in history. With the average vehicle age now around 11 years old, an increasing number of vehicles require routine maintenance and repair services—and the SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service team is trained to provide the best service possible for these vehicles.

SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service was founded on and continues to be founded on, a strong commitment to personalized, transparent customer service and top-tier care. Therefore, the brand strives to provide the most personalized service possible, as evidenced by its Total Trust Guarantee. This guarantees complete transparency to customers: no upselling, no misleading, just great customer service.

The Speedee Fleet Maintenance Program

We provide a worry-free maintenance schedule at SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service that can help:

  • Extend the life of the fleet
  • Boost car resale
  • Avoid significant maintenance expenditures
  • Increase employee productivity

Furthermore, most of our service bays feature a 12-foot clearance, allowing you to service your complete fleet – from cars to commercial trucks – under one roof.

And all of our work is guaranteed. Your bottom line is suddenly improving!

How Frequently Should You Get Your Oil Changed?

That answer isn’t as simple as it once was and depends on various criteria, such as the type of vehicle you drive, how frequently you go, or in what conditions you drive. Checking your owner’s manual for recommendations is always a good idea, and newer vehicles typically come with oil life monitors that will alert you when it’s time to change the oil. The general rule of thumb is to replace your oil every 5,000 miles, as advised by your owner’s handbook. If you’re unsure, a SpeeDee Performance Certified technician can give you a more definitive answer.

What’s Included In A 17-Point Oil Change?

Frequent oil changes aid in the smooth operation of your vehicle. But why should we stop there? With every oil change, SpeeDee will do a 17-point inspection and ensure that your filters, fluids, belts, and tires are in good working order.

  • Oil Change with National Brand Oil.
  • Replace the oil filter.
  • Lube the chassis.
  • Inspect and replenish transmission fluid.
  • Check and replenish differential fluid.
  • Inspect and top of the radiator coolant.
  • Inspect and top off the power steering fluid.
  • The windshield washer fluid should be checked and topped off.
  • Check the battery fluid and top it off.
  • Visually inspect the brake fluid level.
  • Examine the air filter.
  • Examine the Cabin Air Filter.
  • Examine the wiper blades.
  • Examine the belts and hoses.
  • Tire pressure should be checked and set.
  • Clean the front and rear windscreens.
  • Restart the Oil Light.
  • Top-Off Service is provided at no cost.


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