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Source Technologies St9720 MSRP

Source Technologies ST9720 MICR Copier

Source Technologies ST9720 MICR Copier

Source Technologies St9720 MSRP, The space-saving. Network-ready ST9720 printer provides high-quality products at a reasonable price. With a time to the first page out of little 6.5 seconds and also a print speed of up to 50ppm, ST9720 offers excellent performance. The color screen also enhances the user experience.

Robust security features make this printer an excellent choice for printing time- and also information-sensitive documents like checks or prescriptions for even the busiest office. To buy the ST9720 Microdetail Applications for the Source Technologies ST9720 MICR Printer

Accounting/Spinal Office

  • Accounts payable
  • Expense checks
  • Payroll

Financial Banking

  • Cashier’s checks
  • Deposit receipt
  • IRD
  • Official Checks
  • Startup checks

Source Technologies ST9720 MICR Copier Technical Specifications

  • Print speed: (pages/minute) Up to 50 ppm
  • Time to first page: As fast as 6.5 seconds
  • Maximum duty cycle (pp./month): Up to 100,000
  • Recommended volume (pp./month): 3,000 – 16,000
  • Maximum resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Processor: Dual core, 800 MHz
  • Memory (std/max): 256MB/1280MB
  • Normal connectivity: USB 2.0 (Type B), 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Optional connectivity: Wireless
  • USB – Port A: Front
  • Duplex printing: Integrated
  • Paper capacity:
    • Standard (in/out) 650/250
    • Maximum (in/out) 2,300/250
  • Daily bases
    • Standard (in/out) 2/1
    • Maximum (in/out) 5/1

Imitations PS3, PCL 5e, PCL6, PPDS, PDF 1.7, HTML, Microsoft XPS, Direct Image

  • Operator panel: 2.4″ color screen and also a numeric keypad
  • MICR Cartridge Yield (pp.):
    • Starter: 5k
    • Replacement: 5k, 12k
  • Imaging Unit (pp.): Up to 40,000
  • Sizes (W x D x H): 15.7 x 15.0 x 12.1
  • Weight (lbs.): 34.6
  • 1-year warranty, return to deposit from the date of sale
  • Quality control functions
    • Automatic density control
    • MICR toner detection
    • Low toner warning and also auto stop

IT Source Technologies Incomplete

Our service portfolio includes IT services, BPO, and also education companies; we have established the best global quality certification such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 20000, and ISO 27001. The company has a portfolio of services covering Managed Services, Enterprise Services, Remote Management Services, Full Outsourcing, Application Management Support, Services test. and also operational excellence, IT Source delivers business value to its global customer as their technology transformation IT partner. Our delivery capability included partnerships with the best international companies and also their next-quality processes and also practices to provide high-quality and also flexible delivery to our clients.

The ST9715 is the ideal secure MICR check printer for total convenience in a small footprint.

It provides a simple and also secure printing solution for office environments, with a 2-line display, speeds of up to 35ppm, and also the first page out time of as little as 6.5 seconds. The check printer also includes 128 MB of standard memory and also built-in duplex printing.

The ST9717 is a secure, network-ready, space-saving MICR check printer solution with print speeds of up to 37 ppm and also an enhanced color display. With a daily responsibility cycle of up to 60,000 pages, this check printer features high-volume printing at a competitive price for various office environments. Users can easily monitor check printing activity, ensure document print quality and also reduce the risk of check fraud with the ST9717’s unique MICR capabilities.


Printer manufacturer Source Technologies recently announced that it has added support for the Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) protocol to the ST9620, one of its newest and most popular magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) multi-function laser printers. The Charlotte, North Carolina, company says that adding IPDS support will make the ST9620, which can print at speeds up to 40 pages per minute, an attractive printer for transactional print jobs at small and remote offices of companies that use the System.

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