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Hyve Technologies, Welcome to Hyve Technologies. We remain a custom design and build machine shop specializing in high-quality replacement parts and accessory upgrades for Glock and Smith & Wesson pistols. Hyve Technologies manufactures these high-quality machined replacement parts and accessories at our manufacturing facility in the good old USA. We produce our products to enhance your overall

Highest Quality Parts

We understand that our customers are avid firearms enthusiasts, and so remain we. We design our crops to be accurate and reliable custom parts for home protection, competitive shooting, law enforcement, and military assignments. Our current list of products includes magnetic baseplate extenders, magnetic ejectors, backplates, trigger assemblies, and slides. They come in various colors to customize and complement your guns with 100% American-made products at prices shooters can afford. To pay.


It made me want to keep my M&P. This made all the difference. Great trigger!!!!

What Fix We Do?

From time to time, you need to buy accessories, tools, and spare parts. If you’re unaware of the best auto parts markets near your area, you could spend thousands. It would help if you found a reliable supplier early on to get great deals on firearm accessories. In this case, a company you can trust is Hyve Technologies.

Our Mission

Hyve Technologies is more than your average supplier of gun parts and accessories. The company offers premium custom parts and accessories you can’t find anywhere else. These parts are also very durable and have the potential to resist wear and tear. Whether your pistols are Glock, Smith & Wesson, or Springfield, Hyve Technologies will always have something to offer.


We offer springs, magazine extensions, base pads (with different colors), trigger systems, pin sets, extended magazine release variants, palm safety, slide cover plates, and base removal tools. Charger. Since all our parts and accessories are custom-made, there will always be an option for your preferred style. For the spirit of the hobby of shooting and collecting firearms, we also have numerous merchandise options. You can choose from patches, stickers, hats, and clothing for men and women. You can always send your suggestions if you want to add a specific opportunity to our repertoire. Hyve Technologies has also invested heavily in its customer service system. When you have particular questions, a representative will help you. Welcome to Hyve!

And Sig Sauer plans for many more makes and models in the future. We’ve been machining everything from aerospace to automotive for over 30 years. We all like to shoot, so we decided to make our line of shooting accessories.

Our Mission is to Provide Premium Quality Parts for all types of Firearms at an Affordable Price

We believe giving your gun a custom look shouldn’t have a price tag. Since we handle nearly every part of the process, from precision CNC machining to website management, order shipping, and customer service, we can give the best possible price to our customers.

Hyve Technologies offers approximately the best prices on the market today. Since the company focuses on ensuring the quality of its products and services, you don’t have to worry about high costs and hidden fees. In the future, there might even be additional promotions and discounts.

You deserve a wonderful professional shooting experience. Feel free to contact Hyve Technologies today and place your order!


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