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Hearde – Introduction and More


The concepts of Wordle, a popular word game, are the same in Hearde. However, participants now have to guess a soundtrack driven by music applications instead of guessing a word. Hearde is a game where participants listen to a song’s start and try to identify it. It is a daily guessing game in which players must correctly identify the day’s song based on the information disclosed over six opportunities. Out of an immense selection of famous musicians, one Hearde is selected randomly. The Game indeed keeps you addicted till the end!

The Hearde Game gives a little help by auto-filling the songs it could be as you type. If the name of the song you think it is doesn’t pop up, it’s wrong because it’s not in the Heardle music game system. The Heardle app tracks how many games you’ve played, your wins and streaks, and permits you to post your results on social media.

Importantly, Hearde requires more previous knowledge than its word-based counterpart. If you know your music well and have a vast memory across categories, this handy little Game is a great way to kill time and keep the brain cells active, mainly if you play an instrument. This type of musical trivia is excellent for instantly exercising your ear and brain to recognize simple tunes.

How to Play Hearde

how to play hearde

Playing Hearde is a simple way to take the plunge and embrace your next great internet addiction. The app and game link with Spotify, allowing you access to a huge music playlist, which can be a benefit or a curse depending on your musical tastes and knowledge. Here, we’ve put together a guide on how to play Heardle.

Hearde Rules

The Hearde music game is only available through the official website, and there’s no app to download. The website posts a new song every day at midnight (U.S. time), so everyone guesses the same song each day.

  • To start the Game, you press the Play button. It’ll give you one second of the introduction of the song.
  • Using the search section, type the song you think it is. You can press Skip to unlock more of the song if you don’t know. Or, if you take a stab but guess incorrectly, you’ll still progress and unlock more of the song.
  • On the second try, you hear two seconds, four seconds, seven seconds, 11 seconds, and 16 seconds to guess the song.
  • You’ve technically lost the Game if you still don’t know the answer after the sixth guess.

You can copy an emoji representation of your results to your clipboard by selecting Share at the end of the Game. You can share with your friends through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and alternative platforms such as WhatsApp or Discord. There is no option to share on Instagram right now.

What Do The Different Colors Indicate At The End Of The Game?

The red squares indicate wrong guesses, the dark grey squares indicate your skips, the green square indicate the correct guess, and the white square indicates unused guesses. This means that, similar to Wordle, you can share your results with others without revealing the answer.

What Is a Kind Of Music On Hearde?

It’s a guessing game in which you’re given even more extended excerpts of a pop song and have six chances to determine what it is. It’s a nice spin on the Wordle format, especially for those more interested in music than words like “knoll” or “vivid”.

Who Is The Founder Of Heardle?

Heardle, a new game for music fans, is based on the same principle as Josh Wardle’s word-oriented game, which was launched earlier this year. Using Heardle, players can guess the song six times a row, with each clip increasing longer as the song is wrongly answered.

Why Did Spotify Buy Heardle?

Why Did Spotify Buy Heardle_

Spotify bought Heardle to help users discover new music and find old favorites again. Heardle, like Wordle, gives you six guesses for the day’s music. The opening few seconds of the music are your only clue. If you can’t determine the name, you can listen to a few more seconds of the song by clicking the skip button.

Heardle shows you a banner with the song at the end of the game. You can click the banner to connect to the Spotify online app and play that song, allowing Spotify to earn extra users and even Premium members.

Where Is Hearde Available?

Hearde is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. According to Spotify, Hearde will soon be available in markets worldwide in various languages. “Later into the line, we plan to include Heardle and other communicating experiences more extensively into Spotify to allow music enthusiasts to connect more deeply with artists and challenge friends — and have some fun in the process.”

Ireland Is World Heardle Champion

Ireland Is World Heardle Champion

Ireland has the best Heardle players, with an average of 1.73 turns to guess the correct song. According to our past research, the land of U2 and Enya (and Boyzone) has a vital pop legacy and is also good at “-rdle” games, with an average Wordle score of 3.87 guesses.

The United States had the most data to draw from, with 16,356 Heardle result tweets at the time of study and an average guess score of 1.94. Six of the top 10 Heardle countries are located in Europe. Venezuela is in fourth position with an average of 1.87 predictions – fewer than the U.K., U.S., or Canada.

How To Download The Heardle App

How To Download The Heardle App

The downside to Heardle is that you cannot download it worldwide after Spotify acquired it. It was initially only available to individuals in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. If you live in these countries, downloading is simple through If not, you will need to wait until they expand, and you will meet with this message: “Heardle isn’t available in your location, but we’re working to bring Heardle to more places in the future. In the meantime, you can listen to millions of songs on Spotify.”

Popular Herdle Music

Those who have been following Heardle closely have made a note of some of their most famous songs, and this includes artists like One Direction, Harry Styles, Kanye West, and Ariana Grande. Heardle features some of the most popular tracks of recent years, so if you have been keeping up with the times, you can likely guess the answer most days. Find out what genres and artists pop up regularly in the list below.

One Direction Heardle

One Direction was one of the most influential boy bands in the world and still has an impressive fan following. Their songs are incredibly catchy and played wide so you would hear their tracks unsurprisingly.

Heardle 60s

If you love the 60s, listen to the track below and try your luck by figuring out which artist it could be. Hint, they are often referred to as one of the ultimate girl groups of the 1960s.

Kanye West Heardle

Kanye West Heardle

Kanye West may be a controversial figure, but his music remains popular. He is one of the most celebrated rappers in the world and is not afraid to push the barrier of what makes good music.


We, vigorblog, have covered some important information related to hearde in the above article. Heardle is a game that entertains and relaxes you with beautiful song mixes. Growing popularity globally, a similar game to “Wordle” has become one of the most incredible soothing options for music lovers! We hope that you found the above content informative and helpful. To read more informative articles, keep visiting our website.

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