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Global Beauty Care

Global Beauty Care

Global Beauty Care (GBC) is a strong-growing skincare company that has experienced exponential success over the past few years. The New York City-based company creates award-winning, impactful, high-quality products in elegant yet eye-catching packaging. Using innovative technology and quality ingredients, GBC has made a full line of skincare products to help repair, replenish and also refortify your most visible organ- your skin! Their extensive product line appeals to customers of all age groups.

The focus of Global Beauty Care

GBC focuses on all types of Face/Lip/Eye Masks (Black Peel-off, Metallic, Glitter, Hydrogel, Sheet, Wash-off, Mud), Facial Wipes / Creams / Power Brushes, Nose Strips, and also more. In addition, GBC has partnered with major retailers to produce private-label products of all the items mentioned above.

leading GBC’s products to be sold in over 60,000 stores globally.

With the explosion of social media platforms, skin care has gone “viral”. Customers enjoy sharing their skincare secrets, documenting before & after progress, and photographing their development. As a result, GBC gets tagged in millions of masking photos every year! This trend is growing among men.

The percentage of men who care about their skin and are in touch with their skincare needs is steadily rising.

The GBC winning combination: quality products that work, in great packaging that attracts consumers, at an incredible price.

How To Global Beauty Care Retinol Skin?

Global Beauty Care’s ingredients in this cream are rich in Retinol and work together to reduce lines and wrinkles and encourage cell renewal. The results are noticeable after the first use, and the retinol skin cream is ideal for aging skin.

The Bestselling Products Of Global Beauty Care That You Can Buy

 Deep Cleansing Kit

One of the brand’s most popular products is its dep cleaning kit, consisting of thirty-six stars, four nose peels, and two T-zones patches. These patches can use on the skin to eliminate excess oil and blackheads. The cleansing kit also cleans pores, giving your skin a radiant glow. In addition, this product is entirely sulfate-free, silicone-free, and Ph-balanced, unlike other chemical-ridden products you might find in the market.

Detox Sheet Mask

This detox sheet face mask makes from lemon peel and volcanic ashes, which effectively deep cleans your skiing and opens up the pores. People who have acne-prone skin can use this product as well.

You must use this face mask at least once a week as they clean your pores and may even tighten your skin in the long term.

 The Pore Cleansing Nose Strip

One of the most common conditions most people suffer from is blackheads. They are stubborn small dots that do not go away quickly. Once you place the strip on your nose, you must leave it for at least twenty to thirty minutes. After peeling off the strip, you will notice that all the blackheads will eliminate, and your nose will look cleaner. This unique peeling strip makes from Vitamin C extracts, hazel, and tea.

Travel Cleansing Wipes

Everybody knows it is harmful to your skin if you sleep with your make upon. The global beauty care cleansing wipes will wipe off the makeup and moisturize your skin as it contains shea butter and also coconut oil.

Moreover, it is highly effective as it can clean waterproof mascaras.

Anti-aging Skin Cream

The skin cream is made with collagen and other moisture-rich ingredients to improve skin elasticity for much younger-looking skin. In addition, this anti-aging cream can help reduce the visibility of fine lines and may even tighten the skin. The best part is that this cream is suitable for all skin types, and you can use it twice a day.

These are some of the selling products of Global beauty care.  if you are considering buying any of these products.

you must read Global Beauty’s care reviews to make the best purchasing decision.

Brand Description of Global Beauty Care

Global Beauty dedicates to helping you build brand loyalty and repeat business and providing your customers with the highest quality, premium formulations, and active ingredients. Our products are manufactured in the US.

following the current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in a fully licensed and FDA-registered laboratory. We are animal lovers and pride ourselves on personalized service and helping our customers build their brands. We offer low minimums and complete turnkey labeling and work with all-size businesses, from small independent spas, salons, and also retailers to more prominent multi-chain locations that like flexibility, quick turnaround, and a friendly company to work with.


Global Beauty Care was founded eight years ago in a New York City basement. Using advanced technology and quality ingredients, as the company calls, GBC created a full line of innovative skin care products to help repair, replenish, and also refortify your skin.

The extensive product line appealed to customers of all age groups, and sales took off. Today, its skincare, facial wipes, and retinol creams can find in Walmart and other major retailers, with more than 60,000 stores globally.

“We operated on a standalone financial system on our network built many years ago and not for our industry,” says Eric Mizrahi, Director of Operations & IT. “It had a minimal fixed window size that would only fill up about 1/3 of a modern computer monitor – leaving a lot of screen real estate unutilized.”

Employees couldn’t cut and paste information, couldn’t export to Excel easily, and had problems with data sets larger than 30,000 records. “It was a non-smart system.

not linked to the Internet. So it couldn’t connect to add-on applications,” he adds.

Keeping track of shipping containers bringing goods from overseas was a headache. “We had a very complicated way of keeping track on paper when something was arriving or what was a hot item and needed to unload first. ” Mizrahi says. “It was like an elaborate bulletin board. if someone sneezed, it would cause mayhem.”


Global Beauty Care can help your skin look smooth and also rejuvenated. Boost the skin’s radiance, and this product also contains vitamins C and B, all excellent ingredients for anti-acne serums.

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