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Copy Bullet Format From Word To Powerpoint

Copy Bullet Format From Word To Powerpoint – If you have a detailed list of content as a Word document and want to copy the same to your Presentation, create a sample bulleted list on Word. To create a new document, go to Microsoft Office → New blank Word document.

For example, I have created a Word document with a list of colors and added colors in bulleted format. For this tutorial, let us use this data to copy and paste it to the presentation slide.

  1. To select the text, click and also drag using the mouse or the navigation keys holding the SHIFT key.
  2. To copy the selected bullet list, hover over the Home menu and choose Copy. Another way to copy a text is to right-click using the mouse and choose Copy option, and the keyboard shortcut to copy is Ctrl + C.
  3. Open PowerPoint and choose the destination slide, go to the Home section, click the Paste icon dropdown box, and choose the Paste Special option.
  4. The Paste Special dialog box appears. Select the Microsoft Word Document Object option from the list displayed and press OK.
  5. The selected bullet format text now copies to the destination slide in PowerPoint. Note that the bulleted list is pasted as a single object. Therefore, to edit the list, you need to double-click inside the list and make the necessary changes.

How To Customize A Bullet Format In Powerpoint

How To Customize A Bullet Format In Powerpoint

In PowerPoint, you can customize the format style from bullets to numbers. Depending on the paragraph’s message, you can add the corresponding order or sequence style.

For instance, you must use the numbering format for a listicle type of article. Similarly, breaking down sentences of a lengthy paragraph requires a bulleted list format.

Step 1-  First, place the cursor at the beginning of the line where the bullet or number needs to be changed. You can change a numbered list using the Bullets and Numbering under the paragraph section if you want a numbered list instead of a bulleted one.

Step 2-  Hover over the Home Tab, and locate the Paragraph section. You will find the Bullets and Numbering icons, and clicking on the respective icons applies the corresponding format to the selected text.

Step 3- Depending on the type of list you’re working with, choose the style changes you want to make in the Bullets and Numbering box, such as:

  • Select the format that you want, bullets or numbers. Bulleted numbering adds bullets at the start of your sentence, and numbered library adds numerical values to each sentence.
  • To add colors to your bulleted list, click on the Theme Colors dropdown icon and choose the color of your choice.
  • To enlarge or decrease the size of your bullet list, click on the Font Size icon and also enter the size value that best fits the bullet list without comprising the clarity of your content.

How To Add Sub-Bullets In Word

How To Add Sub-Bullets In Word

Follow the instructions below to add sub-bullets to a Word document:

  • Click Bullets in the Paragraph group on the Home tab.
  • Select one of the bullets from the list.
  • Enter to view another bullet.
  • Then, click the Bullet button again, hover your cursor over the Change list level menu, and choose Level 2 from the list.
  • Repeat for the remaining levels (level 3, level 4, level 5, etc.)
  • You’ll note that the bullets for each level vary. Click the Bullet button and alter the style of each bullet to the same if you want them to be the same.
  • If you want to return the bullets to the usual arrangement, place the cursor next to the Word besides the bullet and click the Decrease Indent button on the Home tab in the Paragraph group.
  • Return the bullets to their original position by placing the cursor next to the Word beside the bullet and clicking the Reduce Indent button on the tab in the Paragraph group.

How To Add Sub-Bullets In Powerpoint

Place the cursor between the second bullet and the text, then click the Increase List Level button on the tab in the Paragraph group; do the same procedure for the others in the group.

What Is the Distinction Between Bullets and Numbering?

What Is the Distinction Between Bullets and Numbering

The bullet feature uses dots in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to create a list. If the bullets are customized, it will allow users to insert pictures and symbols into their document or slide, while the Numbering feature used to create a numbered list; it offers options to format your bullets in numbers, alphabetical letters, and roman numeral numbers.

How Do I Insert Automatic Bullets In Powerpoint?

You can activate automatic bullets and numbering in Microsoft PowerPoint or Word; follow the steps below to toggle automatic bullets and numbering:

PowerPoint Presentation for Introductory

  • Choose File > File Options > Proof Reading.
  • Click the AutoCorrect Options button under the Section AutoCorrect Options.
  • As you input the tab, select AutoFormat.
  • Select or uncheck the box for Automatic Bulleted or Numbered lists.
  • Then press the OK button.


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