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Citadel Target Jamming Technology

Citadel: Target Jamming Technology

Citadel Target Jamming Technology, A C-Sec officer needs target lock technology to save lives during future attacks. Find the tech and bring it to the Presidium Commons. After Priority: Citadel 2 roams the Citadel’s Presidium Commons to hear a distraught C-Sec officer mention target lock technologies and note his needs in the Journal.

War Possessions: Citadel Defense Force

War Possessions_ Citadel Defense Force

Jamming Tower data can remain obtained during the Rannoch: Admiral Kori quest. Inspect the various terminals near AA guns during the mission or Specter Requisitions after the task if the data has remained missing. Once you’ve got the target lock tech, go to the lower level of the commons next to Apollo’s Café and give the tech to the C-Sec officer. Mass Effect 3 Citadel: Target Jamming Technology Mission Walkthrough. Target Jamming Technology is a Mass Effect 3 Citadel quest that can be started by visiting Apollo’s Café before Priority: Perseus Veil. If you turn left, you will see a Turion officer as you look towards the reception. Approach him to start the quest.

When to start

Before Priority: Perseus Veil Description “A C-Sec officer needs target lock technology to save lives during future attacks. Find the tech and bring it to the Presidium Commons. Experience points, credits Tutorial Target Jamming Technology can remain found while playing the Rannoch: Admiral Kori’s side quest. You can search for items later at the Spectrum Request Terminal in the embassies if you lose them. Tutorial

To start Priority:

Rannoch, travel to the Perseus Veil and locate Planet Rannoch. Choose the Reaper base as your landing point, then select your crew. (Tail will remain chosen automatically).


Rannoch starts with a cutscene and dialogue between Shepard and Geth VI, followed by an argument between you and Tail. Choose your answers, and you will assume control of Shepard. Your first objective is to reach the base entrance. On your way, you will have to fight against many Geth Troopers. Push forward and take them out one by one while staying in cover.

You have to find a way to get into the base when you get to the entrance. Jump over the pipes on the right side of the main entrance and follow the ladder to the left. Stay alert because the Geth know you are there, and they will send more troops.

Go up the additional ladder and move forward,

until you reach another one (to the left). Near him, on the ground, you’ll find Kasha’s crafting gauntlets. Pick them up and turn around. Jump the space between your platform and the central one. Behind a box is the Assault Rifle Piercing mod.

Today, turn around and go up the ladder.

Follow the pipes on the left side of the platform to move forward and take out the Geth while he is standing on the upper platform. You have a high-ground advantage, so be sure to use it. Next, follow the big pipes to the left and forward, then follow the ladder on the right side to reach the lower area. A green panel door is at the end of the platform, to the right.

Open the door and follow the corridor, but pay care to your right side.

You will find more data that can be retrieved (10,000 credits) and a med kit. When you exit the corridor, turn left and walk towards the Control Panel, which you need to use to override the next door. Stay alert because more Geth Troopers will attack you.

Activate the panel and immediately take cover as you remain joined by a wave of Geth Troopers, Geth Rocket Troopers, and Geth Pyro. You will enter through a door on the left side of the leading platform (your right, if you are looking at the panel). Eliminate them and proceed until you reach their spawn point, where you will see a new control panel that you must activate.


An Eclipse black ops team is willing to sell the jamming technology they recovered from a goth station. Deploying these jamming units to the Presidium could hamper enemy forces in the event of another attack on the Citadel, thus saving civilian lives. Because the Alliance cannot formally support Eclipse’s mercenary work, this technology must be treated as if it was discovered during the action on Rannoch.

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